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Listening Lately

30 Nov

This song is on a weird compilation that Todd bought me for some holiday, Songs for Japan.  I love half the songs, hate half.  But this is on frequent repeat in the car.  Makes me happy every time.  I have a thing for My Bobby D, but even if you don’t it is a good one.


Scenes from a Southern Utah Trip

29 Nov

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28 Nov

I bought my first box of Crest 3d Whitestrips. I am hoping that whiter teeth will dramatically improve 1)how I look and 2)my life outlook.

I used a coupon. This despite an unfortunate vacation viewing of EXTREME COUPONING that made me kind of hate Americans. I won’t subject you to my rant, but I have lots of thoughts about getting something for nothing.

Anyway, I should be seeing Dramatic Results in Just 3 Days. Mark it on your calendar!


28 Nov

Recognize up front that I know I sound not so good in this story.

I was nominated this semester for Teacher of the Year at the college where I have been adjunct since 2001.  This involved the most painful 30 minutes of my life wherein I had to sit outside my classroom while someone talked to my class about me.  Every awkward feeling I’ve ever had, amplified.

The prize if I won said honor?  A parking place with my name on it for the whole year.  At a campus where I don’t teach.  But still, imagine the photo opportunities!

While away this week, I got an email (followed up with a letter waiting at home) telling me that I didn’t win.  Fine.  The individual who did win is a karate instructor.  Somehow this is bothersome to me.  Karate is well and good, but…really?  Do they even have homework in karate class?  Come on now.




25 Nov

Complainers, I hear you.  A new blog.  Don’t advertise it.  Hoping that without my full name, weirdos who read stuff I publish won’t be able to track me down.  Did I tell you that I got 500 hits one day, after I made my blog private, after my essay got discussed on the Washington Post?  Until I win the Pulitzer, I’m not into that.

Anyway, we are on vacay so there won’t be a lot here for a couple days, but I’m back.  So there!