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29 Apr

I didn’t cry at my grandma’s funeral, even when my dad talked about her winning an arm wrestling tournament when he was 14.  Then many of my cousins did this song.  My siblings are not musically talented, but many of the others are.  And since I have 41 first cousins on this side, there was enough awesome to go around.

Apologies for low quality–if you want to hear, you’ll have to turn up your volume.


Odd Quote

28 Apr

Lovely book of essays, somewhat about faith, more about life:Traveling Merciesby Anne Lamott.

It’s so awful, attacking your child.  It is the worst thing I know, to shout loudly at this fifty-pound being with his huge trusting brown eyes.  It’s like bitch-slapping E.T.

Tell me that didn’t give you a visual there.  And by the way, she only grabbed her son into his room and yelled.  Attack is a strong word.


25 Apr

Thank you Utah for playing the same 80’s music on the radio every time I am here.  Got in the rental car and was immediately transported back to the soundtrack of my freshman year in college.

Thank you sister and friend for living five minutes away from each other.  Really, how helpful are these folks?

Thank you Jenny for leaving me a properly punctuated note on my bed.  Apostrophes correctly placed!  Divine!

A funeral tomorrow for the Gran.  Last time we were together, in February, the boys and I helped her weed a garden area to plant beans.  It was beautiful.  I knew she wouldn’t last much longer.  Her heart has been going out for the past four years.  Having her closer this winter was a blessing so my Cole will have some memories.

A short trip this week, full of cousins and whatnot.  Perhaps some delicious food.  Perhaps  a brownie that has been promised.  I did eat an amazing–and amazingly high priced–brownie in the Los Angeles airport today.  Not entirely worth the four hours I spent there, but a top tier baked treat nonetheless.

Bad Books

24 Apr

Owen made me check this out. I could barely read it. Every page made me want to cry. Think of the song, which is nice. Then think of pictures making it about your little boy growing up. Devil book I tell you!

How Does This Happen?

23 Apr

We were looking at old pictures tonight, mostly of the boys as babies to make Owen happy.  This is one of my favorites of him:

The baby really was the same size as Cole's beloved Love Monkey.

How did this mini turn into this child, the one who wishes his belly was bigger every day since he loves to stick it out and talk in a weird voice.  The voice he calls the awesome voice…I can’t even go on about it.

And yes, it is 12:23 a.m. as I write this post.  I’m having a week long bout of insomnia that is working out really well for me.

Stuff I Like

22 Apr
  1. swimming
  2. Cole finding secret moments to ‘just read a little of my book’
  3. Owen’s hair
  4. seeing my peeps in SLC in a few days
  5. not having to get gas
  6. room temperature fruit
  7. Owen’s obsession with babies and the faces he makes when he sees one
  8. not having a baby in our house
  9. Todd’s nephew getting married.  Weird but good.
  10. several good reads in a row

Bad and Worse

17 Apr

I locked my keys in the car.

My grandma is dying at this very moment.  Probably before the night is through.  I know she’s done, but I’m still sad.