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Happy Project

28 Feb

I recently finished reading Gretchen Rubin’s book HAPPIER AT HOME.  I really loved THE HAPPINESS PROJECT so when she did a follow up, I was excited.  Not great.  Not bad, but without the fire of the first.  I liked it fine.

She had an idea though about printing out pictures from holidays and displaying them as part of your holiday decor.  Genius!  Instead of thinking the idea was smart and then forgetting it, I added it to my to-do list.  I have had fun going through and finding our old Halloween pictures.  Cole used to be so little!  I seem to have forgotten.

Anyway, the pictures are in a folder on my desktop waiting to be sent off for printing.  When they are done, I’m putting them in some fun frames (still a work in progress) to go in the Halloween box.  This is a great project!  I’m excited about it.  It will be super fun to see the pictures for a month every year and then have them be new again.

I may do Christmas too.  We’ll see.

You should totally copy me.



27 Feb

As many of you know after having been scorned by my children, I don’t really believe in birthday parties.  Cole had one this year when he turned 7.  He will have another in his teens.  That is all.  He has also attended one birthday party in his life; Owen has been to ZERO and has never had a party.  I take that back.  They both went to another one that I suddenly remembered but that was a guilt party.

People seem to think this is weird of me.  I’m mostly fine with that.  My friend Lara has two or three birthday parties each weekend (having four kids in the mix makes the invites grow exponentially).  I would almost literally rather die.

I just told someone that we would not be attending a birthday event this reason.  I explained that it wasn’t personal, but that we don’t do birthday parties.  It did not go over very well.  I do just have to say, in my defense, that when you act obnoxious about a declined invitation is doesn’t make me regret my decision.

For Kids Who Don’t Eat

26 Feb
Life changing grocery store discovery.  Todd is mad that he's not allowed to eat it--only the tiny ones get such things.

Life changing grocery store discovery. Todd is mad that he’s not allowed to eat it–only the tiny ones get such things.


24 Feb

So I made a list of what is important to me.  It was weird.  And strangely difficult.

The first item was easy though and I’m not sure why I’ve never thought about it before.  Seriously, I’m 35 and just now figuring this out?

Feeling useful.

That’s what is most important to me.  I feel like this is useful information.



23 Feb

I snuggled a two week old orphaned pygmy goat today.  I have never wanted something so bad in all my life.  I had believed that no goats were allowed in city limits, but I decided to look into it.

If our lot was 10,000 square feet or larger, then we could have two goats.  There is no pro-rated deal.  At 7,000 feet we are out of luck.

We had a family trip to the camel farm today, after hearing about baby goats and burros (no baby camels unfortunately).  Owen is an animals whisperer like his father.  It was fun.  Not too hot, we were all brave (Cole and I felt brave; Todd and Owen are always animal brave) letting animals eat out of our hands.

I can’t tell you how cute the baby goat was.  Imagine it and then make it ten times cuter.

Helpful Advice

22 Feb

I read this about helping others with depression and found it very accurate.  I’m doing ok right now, despite a blog absence.  But I am frequently not.  My long term depression meds are losing efficacy and I’m not sure what to do about it.

Anyway, busy life here.  New monthly blogging position and a weekly (paid) gig too so I’m excited about both opportunities.  I like being busy.  It is good for me.  Except in that moment when I realize I’m getting less reading done than I would like.

In other news, my parents are returning to this hemisphere in less than two months.  That will be an adjustment.  I have enjoyed it immensely when both they and my in-laws have been living in Africa.  You just don’t have to deal with them very much at such a distance.

Spinach is sprouting in our garden and one tiny, barely visible carrot top.