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Life’s Purpose

31 May

Teaching young ladies how to speak up for themselves, especially when money is concerned.  If another girl shrugs when I ask her how much she charges for babysitting, I am totally going to take advantage.  And make her sorry for it.  I have been working on this for a long time and it is not helping.  If you want to get paid a fair wage, you will have to think about money.  And not just take what is offered to you. 

I may have been a bit heavy handed on the lecture today with a new sitter.  I explained what I traditionally pay for two kids and suggested a slightly lower rate and asked if it was ok.  You’d think she’d never acknowledged hard currency before.

Thus, I will have to go out a lot to give lots of youth a chance to learn my wisdom and life lessons about finances.



30 May

So there was this dress.  Not just any dress–certainly not an available in Yuma sort of dress.  A really great dress.  It was too much money.  I bought it anyway.

It was on backorder.

Enough time passed that I had decided that when the dress arrived, I would return it.  After all, I own a lot of clothes.  A lot.  Especially for a stay at home mom.

But then I made a mistake: I opened the box.  I held the dress up on the hanger.  Even covered in plastic, the goodness of the dress was apparent.

Then I made another fatal error: I tried it on.

Technically, a dress cannot remove pounds from a person’s body.  I know that.  But if I was less smart, I would think that the dress had been imbued with a secret formula/enchantment.  That’s how great it looked.

I’m keeping it.  New tires/new hot water heater/replacement camera be damned.  It is wonderful.  I may or may not take a picture when I wear it.  Why the hesitation?  Because I am not an attractive human being, even in the great dress.  The Dress might deserve a photo anyway though.  That’s how strong it is.

Why no link?  Because I’m going to be selfish and not share the dress.  Unless you ask nicely.  It clearly isn’t a secret since it was on backorder.

Message of today: you should splurge.  Don’t go crazy but you probably should do something a little splashy.  You have my permission.


28 May

Any of you who see me on Facebook already know but we had someone break into our house.  I was gone for 45 minutes picking up Cole from school.  The thief took Todd’s toiletry bag and not the valuable drugs next to them on the shelf (epilepsy is a great front for making money off prescription meds).  Took my very old ipod, weaponry, camera.

I walked in, with the boys, and smelled cigarette smoke.  Noticed things awry in bathroom.  Made them come out in bare feet on hot concrete (Cole’s overall reaction to the events of the day is that he burned his feet).  Called 911…waited nearly half an hour…friend came and got the kids.  Yada yada yada.

Probably won’t file an insurance claim–depreciated value of stuff plus the deductible.  Very annoyed about our camera with several months worth of photos still on the memory card.

I must say this: It is all my fault.  I never lock the door.  Todd was right.  I was wrong.  I am a terrible person who should worry more about bad guys.  Did I mention, this is all my fault?

On the brighter side, a neighbor stopped by last night.  She noticed the dog out wandering, saw the gate open.  She put him back in and closed the gate.  We don’t know her.  Have never spoken to her.  She recognized Peter Parker though and knew he shouldn’t be out.  I found that very sweet.

As you might imagine, the Todd husband is obsessed now.  He wants cameras.  Booby traps.  Mandalay Man Traps (best thing ever in a short story (THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME)).

We are all fine.  Tummy aches for the night all around but better now.  I’m glad we weren’t here.  I would be more glad if I wasn’t fairly certain the creepy weird people across the street are the ones responsible–they watch me come and go all day, sitting out on the porch smoking and never going to work.

If you have any questions, please ask.  I so rarely involve law enforcement in my life.  Maybe that will change going forward.

Ice Cream

26 May

Black Cherry Vanilla has been my go to flavor for my whole life, leading into a deep affection for Cherry Garcia.

I branched out recently, due to sale prices.  My whole life may have changed because of this.  Trust me.


Traditions, Our Way

25 May

I think it started at the end of kindergarten.  I bought Cole a funny customized shirt–Darth Vader riding a bicycle.  It was a nice way to start summer after wearing a uniform to school for 180 days.  I did the same last year and this one.  I guess that means I have to keep it up for the next dozen years.  I don’t mind (see previous posts about my unhealthy addiction to Etsy).

This year, Owen boy inspired the shirts.  He invented a word some months ago that has become part of the Osmetz family vernacular.  We all know the real word but prefer this unique version instead.  So glad my boys still like to match…and are still best friends.  Crossing my fingers for it to last forever.



The Graduate

24 May

IMG_8231 IMG_8242 IMG_8248 IMG_8250Preschool has ended.  Owen had a great year with his very loving teachers, Mrs. Davies and Mrs. Kelly.  He is still a loner at heart but he loves singing and learning.  He’s ridiculously smart; because I am Eliana, this worries me instead of making me proud.  We’re going to have a fun summer with this little weird faced kiddo.


Best Ever

23 May

Best Ever

I tried to buy a print of this for our home but that will have to wait till a day when I am feeling a little more flush. Isn’t it perfect for the English teacher daughter of a money guy.