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Gremlin Girl

28 Aug

I have a student in my Tuesday night class who looks exactly like Phoebe Cates, circa Gremlins.  I cannot mention this to her because then I seem old and she won’t even know what I am talking about.  It is very distracting.  The resemblance truly is uncanny.



12 Year Olds Rock

11 Aug

Courtesy my friend Henson, I watched a lot of YouTube clips this weekend while visiting he and his family.  More about the trip later.  But since Harry Potter still is fresh in my mind, this was my favorite.  So I’m sharing it with you.


9 Aug

Cole’s finishing up the first week.  I think it is going well.  His class this year is almost evenly split between boys and girls which is an anomaly so I’m wondering how that will change the dynamics.  He’s growing up.  Lots.  Had to buy new clothes yesterday since he just keeps growing.  Piano lessons start next week.  My days of unscheduled life are coming to an end.

Today marks two full weeks of me getting up and exercising every morning.  I am proud of myself.

We are going to see the Smiths Who Moved and Left Us this weekend.  I am excited but sad.  I’m noticing that I have a lot of words inside me each day and, without Lara, the words are building up and have no escape.  Will there be an explosion, like a Langston Hughes poem?  Or will my brain just shrivel up and die?  These are big real questions.

I’m trying to make cute lunches this year.  I had my friend Sachiyo bring me some bento supplies back from Japan.  I’m not all gung ho, but I am making a slight effort, trying to see if I can make Cole eat food at school.  He seems charmed but it is still early in the year.  Maybe I’ll take some pictures for ya.  Mostly I’m trying to do small amounts of lots of different things in cute little containers with amusing shapes or accoutrements.  I think this is a phase that won’t last long.

I’m starting to worry about Owen and preschool.  He’ll love it.  But I think about him having a seizure and me being 20 minutes away teaching and how I won’t be there to comfort him…enough to keep a girl awake at night.  It will be fine.  It will be fine.

I have someone awesome watching my kids for an hour on Tuesdays before Todd gets home when I have to go to work.  I feel like a prayer has been answered.  It might be the most perfect arrangement humanly possible.  Really.

Rare Finds

6 Aug

We ran across this book waiting out a Baltimore rain storm in Barnes and Noble.  I wanted to buy five copies to give as Christmas gifts, but it was a hardback hefty tome so I had to leave it behind.  Very sad.  I think this might be the way to finally make the weird parts of the Old Testament interesting.  I actually read through it a bit and was strangely impressed.  There’s also a New Testament version and a double testaments compendium coming out in October.  Do what you will with this information.



5 Aug

After a long weekend of Cole nerves, we made it to the first day of school this morning.  I stayed for two hours helping deal with school supplies.  Elementary teachers are saints, that is all I have to say.


Why I’m So Tired

4 Aug

No, I’m not pregnant. At what point do people stop asking you that no matter what your physical ailment?

I got up and met my friend every day last week at 6 am for running )or alternate day walking and pilates). This includes Saturday.

It did not kill me.

It is time. I am back. Moving, you know, not giving up on my entire self. That whole thing. This week I’ll get back to my pre-summer improvement of not eating at night.

Slow. Steady. Healthy. Remind me of these words.

In Memory of the East Coast

2 Aug

This cartoon is funny because tolls are not funny.  I stopped counting after the $100 mark.  I don’t think we quite hit $200 but I might be deluding myself. (PS–You should all subscribe to The New Yorker.  It is such good writing.  Really.  Almost all the time.  The cartoons are a bonus.)