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Border Problems

29 Jun

If you want to have a secure border, do something real.  Seriously.  I have no problem with defending the border.  But how about we do it for reals instead of half way so it doesn’t really work.

For example, if you actually don’t want anyone to come into the US:

  • put landmines all along the border fence.
  • Take the billion BP agents and station them every 50 feet.  Seriously.
  • Burn everything for 1/2 mile on either side of the border so it is freaky and obvious if anyone is nearby.
  • Electrify the fence.
  • Build guard towers and shoot people.

If you want to be nice, then you can’t have a secure border.  That’s all there is to it.  Without killing people, I don’t see how you can keep everyone out because there is such a super high incentive to cross and get away from a crappy life.

And that is what I think.

If this seems harsh, then maybe we should do something different and stop obsessing about the subject and take a different approach…like fixing Mexico.  Or breaking our country off to be a giant island.


Love Is All Around

20 Jun

As everyone on the planet knows, REM recently released a two cd collection featuring their appearances on MTV Unplugged from 1991 and 2001.  I have been wanting this to happen for pretty much every day since 1991, so I was quite pleased when I finally got the music in the mail (only about six months after pre-ordering).  This is one of the tracks that makes me happy every time I listen to it.  Back in the day, Todd made me a cd of Covers by REM that featured a different version of this song, but this one is still good.  Enjoy the Spanish language subtitles also–I’m all about education.


three kids

18 Jun

The eleven year old nephew has been here for over a week. It is not awesome. I am emotionally exhausted. I can’t even blog. If I did it would be a list of all the ways things are not going well, which would not be nice. So I will keep my mouth shut. You can send me funny and supportive comments and it would be nice of you.

Yuma Loves the Steinmetz Boys

16 Jun

Owen on the cover of the sports section of the esteemed Yuma Sun.  Thankfully an acquaintance saw me in the hall before class and asked if I had seen it.  Of course, since we have a horrible paper, I had not.  But I went and bought a copy just to see my kid.  Then realized it was prominently available on the website.  That’s 50 cents I’m never getting back.  Isn’t he so insanely cute?  I can hardly stand it sometimes.

owen tiny tumblers

Life Changing

15 Jun

Before I had kids, I never had back problems.  I fondly remember such days.  But they are past and gone and, probably, will never return.  My brother-in-law introduced me to this device last weekend when I was at his house after driving for 12 hours straight.  He said it was better than my much beloved electric massager.  I don’t know about that, but I am a big fan.  So much so that my sister had one mailed to my house for my return.  I know it looks weird.  The instruction booklet gives far too many options for use.  None of that matters though when you are able to apply the perfect amount of pressure to a painful spot, without help from anyone else.  I’m sure you can buy it elsewhere, but here’s an Amazon (whore of the earth) link.


Thera Cane

Thera Cane

This is the main way I use it, for the evil shoulder blade area knots.

This is the main way I use it, for the evil shoulder blade area knots.

Truest PSA Ever

13 Jun

Warning: will stay in your head forever.

Many thanks to the Todd husband for getting the kids hooked on this song and inspiring me to use it in my writing class.


An Author I Respect

12 Jun

An Author I Respect

So John Green writes young adult novels that technically are in that category but that I’m not embarrassed to say that I like.  I’ve read them all–some of course better than others.  I’m a big fan.  He’s also a nerd and an interesting guy.  This profile in The New Yorker was really a delight.  I have tremendous respect for this man who has worked hard for his success and, at least in my opinion, is quite deserving.  You should read it.  I can’t make you but I can strongly suggest.  Make a good decision here.