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One Week

30 Apr

Last Monday, April 22, I finally jumped in the pool.  Then I jumped right back out.  The water was freezing.  My boys have been swimming lately but I just supervise.

Yesterday I jumped in.  Lovely.  Amazing.  I remember why I love swimming.  It makes every inch of your body feel so good.

What a difference a week makes.  I could probably apply that lesson to other areas of my life but won’t.


Legoland Misteps

29 Apr
  1. Buying tickets for Carlsbad Day!  Yes, 1/4 of the regular price but very busy.
  2. Ignoring the fever and chills that began while we drove there.
  3. Ignoring the lack of line at the Pirate ride.  Not just good luck, as I thought.
  4. Ignoring the signs at aforementioned pirate ride that said “you will get VERY wet.”
  5. Ignoring that everyone else going on pirate ride was in a swim suit.
  6. Soaking wet family in 60 degree overcast weather.
  7. Buying overpriced (obviously) long sleeve tshirts for the whole family since boys were getting blue lips and shaking.
  8. Eating popcorn at 5pm, thinking that my stomach hurt because it was hungry.
  9. Vomitting in a public restroom.
  10. Again.
  11. Again.
  12. Finally leaving at 7 pm because I couldn’t really pretend to not be dying anymore.
  13. Shaking in the car the whole way home, wracked with fever and stomach pains and still wet jeans.

At least the worst of the flu didn’t set in till we got home.  And then, from midnight till midnight, very bad Eliana sickness.  Both boys had mild flu days last week.  I got the full thing.  This morning I am up and feel great, though it is great by comparison.  You understand that, right?  If I normally felt this way, complete with still intestinal troubles though no more of the dozen throw ups, I would say that I was sick.  But after this weekend?  This is much better.

The moral of the story is that I am a very nice mom.  And that I probably will never go to an amusement park again.


15 Apr

I had a several hour dream last night.  I gave birth to 7 children.  For some reason, it was all at once with two sets of twins.  Don’t ask about how that works, not sure.  The part that went on and on and on was trying to figure out which kid was which and how to name them.  I couldn’t think of enough names.  There were hijinks of looking for babies that other people were holding around my house, trying to find the ones still missing a name.  At some point I realized that we would need a new car.

I entirely blame this on a show I’m watching called CALL THE MIDWIFE.  That, and the swarms of pregnant people  I seem to know lately.  Swarms I tell you.  That’s a technical term.

Here’s to hoping I never birth two sets of twins, plus three other babies, on the same day.

Mean Mom

12 Apr

I wouldn’t let Cole start reading until he turned 5.  You can laugh, but I didn’t want him to be bored at school.  It was hard but I was able to do it.

Owen is just barely 4 though and ready to start reading.  I was going to try to get him to hold off till preschool in the fall but he’s not going to make it.  He already has a photographic memory (he does great party tricks if you read him a story just once) and has started working out letters and sounds and all that nonsense.  This is more of a problem because he, not Cole, is the one who will cause trouble if he is bored at school.

This is a weird post, I know.  It isn’t a brag.  Early reading means nothing in overall life.  But we read a lot at our house so I guess it is inevitable.  So we’ll be doing reading practice this month for the Owen monster to begin his world takeover.

Love, Actually

10 Apr

So I’m kind of in love with my kids right now.  They are still themselves, with too many emotions (how like their mother they are!) But they are making very happy.  They are funny.  And huggy.  And I really like them.  How lucky is that?

Read Me

7 Apr

Hilarious bit in the New Yorker this week.  Maybe a little pissy.  But I liked it.  It made me happy.  So I’m sharing with you.

Life in the Slow Lane

4 Apr

Boys and I drove for two days.  Stayed in Utah for two days.  Drove home for two days.  I bought Cole a calculator for $2.97 six hours from home.  Great purchase.

We got home.  Cole and I got sick (thanks cousins!).  Then he got more sick.  Then it was Easter.  We did nothing.

But now it is April.  Despite all the catch up I’m trying to do for cancelled classes and papers to grade an a pile of columns for three websites that I am working on, April is awesome.  I might write more about that later.  Probably in fact.