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31 Jul

In the backseat on the car while driving Cole and friend to HOBBIT class.

“Singapore is where the smartest people in the world live.

They even study while they are pooping.

Can you believe that?  While they are pooping!”

Good times.


New Life Plans

30 Jul

There’s a band called Calexico, also the name of the tiny border town where Todd works.

I heard a band called Phoenix on the radio yesterday.

So clearly I need to start a band called Yuma.  Or maybe just Yum!  See, then it would be like the band Fun!

Of course, my talents are not musical in nature.  I’ve always wanted to be a backup dancer though.  Weird huh?  But I saw Boy George in concert in 1998 at the Royal Albert Hall and he had great random side of the stage dancers and I’ve wanted that job ever since.

So if anyone is interested in forming this band with me, get in touch.  Soon!  You know how short lived my wild ideas can be.

Might I Suggest

29 Jul

platesIn the tradition of all children on long drives, we had a little obsession with license plates even before this trip.  I got Cole this great little sticker book (less than $5 at Amazon) which we all had lots of fun with.

We are still searching for cars from the Dakotas, as well as Alabama and Arkansas (R-Kansas, with the final s, if you are Cole).  We got everything else though and felt a strong sense of accomplishment.  Oh ya, no Hawaii too but we know there is a Hawaii car in our neighborhood somewhere so we aren’t too worried.

There will be ice cream when we get all 51 stickers correctly in their place.  You’re all invited.


28 Jul

Cole starts school in one week.

Then Todd the next week.

Then me the following week.

Finally, last week of August, Mr. Owen starts preschool.

I feel like the summer went very very quickly.  It was really lovely.

You may wonder about the completion status of the bathroom remodel project.  Not done, of course, hopefully will be before Todd heads back to work or I might literally lose my freaking mind.  Just so you know.

Finally, why are school supplies so great?  I love buying them.  LOVE.

Thump Thump

27 Jul

I recently got a doctor because I’ve never had a primary care one and it seemed the thing to do.

After a medical history, she made me get an EKG.  Why?  Apparently long term use of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors can mess with your heart.  Why has this never been mentioned to me before?  I’ve been on an SSRI antidepressant for 16 years (January I will cross the line to more of my life on than off medication).

We did the test, easy peasy.  But it turns out that there are some issues.  I’m not happy.  I may be fat and depressed and lots of other things, but I’ve got a great heart (in so many ways!)  We had a chat about what heart pain/problems feels like and when to go to the ER.  I did not enjoy it.

Now I am unsure of what to do.  I’m thinking of stopping the meds.  If you are a longtime friend of blog reader, you know that such an attempt does not generally go well for me.  These drugs have changed my life and kept me alive.  But now they are killing me (in the most dramatic extreme of what could possibly, probably not, happen).  My brain is busy thinking about this.


In other medical news, fabulous article about change in the medical field in The New Yorker.  Because I’m so nice, I’ll link to it for you here.  Great smart writing makes me so happy, I can’t even tell you.

Too Many Photos

26 Jul

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You don’t have to look at them all.  Really.  This is a fraction of the 600 shots we took.  Really.

Maine, New Hampshire, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Washington D.C.  Fourteen days.


25 Jul

My sister has requested pictures and content about our trip.  It will come.  Not today.

I can tell you about yesterday though: the Magical July 24.

Owen woke up to vomit at 4am, then 6am.  We got in the car to head to the Baltimore airport at 6:45.  He threw up twice during our hour drive.  In the line to return the rental car, he threw up again.  We changed clothes in the parking lot (super classy!) and made it to the plane.

We flew and flew and flew and got to Arizona.

We got the shuttle back to where we parked our car and I threw up.  And then did so several more times.

We got home, eventually (three hour drive) to find the dog missing.  Dog sitter had been there the night before, so 24 hours with no contact.

Sobbing overtired children.  Hot house.  No food in said house.  Popsicles and a Lego movie while Todd drove around for two hours looking for his dog.

It was a long day.  Today was better.  Rain, dog found his way home after much suffering on the part of his human males.  Bought a new toaster oven…food…school supplies…who knows what else.

I feel like summer fun has officially ended.