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Nerd Funny

28 Nov

Buy it here, if you have someone in your life who would appreciate such a gift.



Mark Your Calendars!

28 Nov

Come January, if you want to stop by on a Wednesday, you can come to the HLS Writing  Club!

That’s right, it is finally official.  I am allowed to be with children and teach them better writing skills.

I have lots of ideas that I think are fun but 1)I am frequently wrong and 2)kids…fickle creatures.  So if you have any ideas of fun writing projects that you did Back in the Day or whatnot, pass them along.  Seriously.

This could all be a very bad idea.  Or it could be great and inspiring and whatnot.  So we will see.

I See the Future

26 Nov

To clarify, I love my children very much.  That doesn’t mean I  have any delusions about them.  Link here to see Cole’s photo for student of the month (go getter).  Published in the newspaper, it is slightly better in black and white.  Best part?  He got a movie gift card.  Worst part?  This photo.

I remember very clearly the Polaroid photo of me, circa third or fourth grade, against the library bookshelves at Sand Lake Elementary when I won student of the month.  I had ten or so nasty hard plastic pastel colored bracelets on my arm.  This family just isn’t ever going to be foxy or fashionable.


25 Nov

I have just purchased winter clothing for my children.  First time ever.  We are heading north over the Christmas holidays, so it seems mean to make them wear sandals and shorts.

My mom and sisters and everyone else on earth have always complained about gear.  I never paid them much mind.  There’s so much you need if you don’t want people to freeze.  And they will keep growing out of it, right?  We’ve borrowed in the past–think Owen’s lovely pink snowsuit for a mountain snow weekened when he was 2–but we’ll be gone nearly 2 weeks so this was necessary.  I’m just glad it is once.

On the bright side, the boys love their giant puffy coats.  They do a sort so sumo wrestling thing with them.  It makes me hot as they run around the house all bundled up, but if they are having fun I guess I don’t mind.

Very Sunny Happy Stuff

22 Nov

I have eaten pie and turkey, so now you can have some pictures.  The weather has been fantastic here in Oceanside.  Heading home in a couple days to real life with end of the semester stress and falling apart house woes, but I refuse to think of such things right now.

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Breaking Bad at the Beach

19 Nov

More than 90% sure that Jesse Pinkman, or his real life alias Aaron Paul, bought my boys gumballs today at Ruby’s on the pier in Oceanside, California.

Fantastic weather here on the beach. Worn out kids from oodles of walking and running and playing. Relaxed Todd. Heading to LA tomorrow to see the space shuttle. Pictures to follow.

The 40 Trip

17 Nov

Arrived at the beach house late Saturday. Kids in heaven already.