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My Current Life

29 Mar

I got out of the shower.  My boys were running around each with a penis made out of playdoh, held in the appropriate area, yelling about their anatomy that was escaping.

I can only dream of the next 15 years of testosterone in this house.



28 Mar
I thought I would give you all an update about our 3 year old Owen.   I think most everyone knows that he was diagnosed with epilepsy last September after a series of seizures.   We have been trying to find medication to help but haven’t had much luck.
We recently had some additional testing done and the MRI showed a brain injury in the pons area of the brain.   They don’t know what happened, maybe I was sick while pregnant or something else.   Owen was pretty much sick all of his first two years so it isn’t much of a surprise.   Anyway, think of the damage left by a stroke and that is about what it looks like–a little shadow dead area.
The good news is that this gives us a better idea of the kind of seizures and where they are coming from, so we can better target treatment.   We now believe Owen has focal seizures–starting from this one place and primarily affecting his right side–that then spread or generalize so that his whole body shakes.
Right now Owen has a few seizures per week.   He is getting better at noticing the warning signs and letting me know, like if he hears sounds in his ears or his stomach hurts or the light bothers him.   The goal is to get down to zero seizures which would be nice, but who knows.  He has a lot of right side muscle and reflex problems which I don’t want to get worse.


I think that covers it.  My brain is always on seizure alert with at least 35% of my gray matter.  I’m hoping that will change if we ever get to a nice stable situation.

That Plato

23 Mar

A substantial post is coming tomorrow, promise.  I’ve been thinking about it for days but life has been sucked out of me by a dozen hours at Cole’s book fair.  Oi, nothing like super control freak moms who don’t like the way I cut.  Or write letters on posters.  Or any number of other things.

But for now, a thought, from the thinker himself.  Plato.  I’d like to have this in my house somewhere.  Crafty friends, that is an assignment I’m throwing out.

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. 

Sometimes I think people are nice to me because they feel sorry for me.  I’m trying to not let it bother me.  I got an invite for the whole family to go to a 59th wedding anniversary surprise party tomorrow night for our good friends.  We’re the only not relateds coming I think.  I feel bad that we were invited, kind of, but I also really appreciate the gesture and am glad that they knew it would mean something to us.  So anyway.  We should be nicer.  All of us.  Except Cole who is nice to every living creature, 99.98% of the time.


22 Mar

Note the tiny treasure chest the school nurse gave Cole to save his tooth in. Way cuter than what I would have done.


21 Mar

Tuesday was a Very Bad Day on many fronts.  In an attempt to salvage it, we bought water guns in the evening.  Excellent choice.  Here’s hoping for everything in my life not falling apart today.

Track and Field

17 Mar

Watching the k-2 track and field day was a painful experience.  My sweet boy needs some physical therapy to learn how to run.  He’s blissfully unaware of his lameness though, for which I am grateful.  So here’s a photo medley of our Friday morning in the sun.  They only got through 3 events in the 3 hours.  Classy.

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15 Mar

In 2010, I planned to run for the school board.  Then I realized that with my family at the moment it was not the right time.

Then late last year I dealt with oodles of annoyances in the elementary school district and decided that I would do it in 2012 because something had to be done.

So now I have to decide for real.  I have talked to a guy I know who was on the high school board for a long time, making sure I understand the time commitment.  I have studied Arizona school board information and finance rules and whatnot.  I have searched my heart to make sure I’m ok with losing, since we have to be honest that it is a very real possibility.

And now I have to figure out if I really want to be on the school board.  Yes and no.  I feel like I have a lot to offer, as an educator and parent of young children and (no offense world) a person with a brain.  I really hate the superintendent and it will be a challenge to be civil.  I hate meetings.  That will be a challenge.  I wish someone else would do this so I didn’t feel like I need to, but that is a pretty good argument for much that is wrong with the whole world.

I am going this week to pick up my candidate packet.  I’m still unsure what I am going to do.  I don’t feel strongly either way.