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Truly Fantastic

29 Mar

My Biggest Fear

20 Mar

It finally happened.  Owen had a seizure while with a babysitter today.  I am quite discombobulated.  Luckily it was his favorite person in the whole world, Lara, who was great.  But I may never be the same.

Super Serious Situation

19 Mar

Cole is 7.5 years old.  He has no butt.  It is uncomfortable when he sits on your lap.  He is hilarious to look at from behind because of the No Rear End-ness.


Except…He’s been wearing 2T swimming trunks for the past several years.  Larger ones won’t stay up.  Drawstrings won’t tighten enough.  It is a ridiculous problem, one that I’ve certainly never had.  But now the baby shorts are a bit too short and he’d like some awesome big guy trunks.

I made an attempt.  We looked at some at Target last night while picking up some other things.  The smallest size was about double his waist.  He really doesn’t want to have to shop in the baby/toddler section anymore.  I wonder if I can sneaky buy some online and convince him of something, I don’t exactly know what.

In case you were wondering, Owen has the same disability.  He’s still wearing 12 month trunks that I had to take in and sew two inches awkwardly on the waist.

WHO ARE THESE CHILDREN?  They are not related to their robust parents.

And that’s my odd story for today.


The Weekend

18 Mar
  • My grandpa finally died yesterday morning.  I will miss him but am glad that he was able to move on.  Heading up on the endless drive in a few days.  I hate driving.  I am scared a bit–doing it without the Todd.  Pray for me to stay awake.
  • Made coconut macaroons.  They don’t taste horrible.  They are weird though.  I won’t do it again.
  • Family soccer on Saturday, digging and splashing in the river Sunday (stake conference…not for me).  Good family times.
  • Gained 6 pounds in the past week from stress.  Guess how I feel about that.
  • Finished reading the very excellent The Secrets of Happy Families which I was going to write a whole blog about but won’t.  Todd made me buy it after hearing the author on NPR.  Todd?  A book about happiness and family effort?  Clearly I ordered it within 5 minutes of his recommendation.  Everyone should read it.  Great tone, thoughtful without being annoying, something for everyone.  Seriously.  Just buy it right now.  Do it.
  • I bought a funeral dress.  It is very pretty, I think.  Shopping helps me relieve stress.  This is why I have no grey hair but also no money.

In Process

16 Mar
The shower.  I probably don't want to talk about it.

The shower. I probably don’t want to talk about it.

Sad Sad

14 Mar

My Grandpa, Ken Hanni, is going to die today.  Or maybe tomorrow.  For his sake, I hope today.

I saw he and my grandma over Christmas.  Everything good and fine.  Then he fell and broke his hip in January and everything fell apart.  This is all very sudden.  I am not prepared.

So I’m a little sad.  Mostly for how hard this is on my grandma.  And my mom, who is supposed to come home from Mozambique in less than a month.  She was really hoping he’d hold on till then.

Cole doesn’t know the Hannis well.  He’s missing his other great grandma, Grandma Osborn, who died last May.  So when he talks about her that makes me double sad, because I’m still mourning her too.

So any of you in Utah, I may be seeing you soon.


13 Mar

Heard this on the radio driving home from class. Delightful. Who knew you could get an animated version of radio stories?