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Help a Girl Out

24 Mar

Today we opened the last wedding gift.  Fourteen years, eleven months.  It is an electric skillet that I thought we had but could never find since we moved into this house in the fall of 2000, eighteen months after getting hitched.

Turns out we did receive said item as a wedding gift.  Saturday I was looking for something in the weird, dark corner cabinet.  I found the popcorn popper that hasn’t been used in over a decade (because I forgot we had it).  Same for a beautiful crystal bowl that is probably the nicest thing we own.

Which leads to my request for assistance.  If you have math skills, you realize that a marriage for 14 years and 11 months is coming up on an anniversary divisible by five.  It wouldn’t be a huge deal but for two things:

1. The ten year anniversary was hands down the worst year of our marriage, so I’d like to replace all memory of it.

2. The not giving gifts thing.  Remember that?

I don’t know what to do.  I’d have us go on a trip.  But here’s a depressing fact for you: we have no one to watch our kids.  No one.  I take that back.  No one at all near us.  Someone in Maryland would watch them but we’d have to take them to Maryland.

I have no ideas.  My father once told me that the best gift I could give Todd would be to change my last name.  I asked Todd if this was a secret wish.  Before he fell on the floor laughing, he said that it had never once crossed his mind.  Which is part of why I married him.

Inspire me dear readers.  I’m serious here.  I need help.  Don’t make me ask twice.


Nerd Fun

19 Mar

Do you love great covers of books?  I’m thinking of LITTLE BEE one of the most unique (and now copied) that will always stay with me.

You’re not alone!  Maybe in the US, but in the UK they have a competition for such things.  Even though I’m not familiar with many of these books, looking at the covers makes me ridiculously happy.

So have at it–a contest on being shallow about books.  Tell me your favorite.  I totally disagree with the winner for re-issued classic, but I must admit that the cover for TAMPA certainly has me intrigued.


17 Mar

First, I got the best church job: teaching adult Sunday School.  I did it for nearly five years Before Cole, so it has been quite a break.  Lots of work and study and such but it keeps me on my toes and it so much better than being bored.  So I’m happy.

Yesterday was my first time up to bat (I know nothing about sports so my metaphors or sports term usage may be off base…)

It was great.

Even better was the stylish 75 year old woman who came up to me after.  I don’t know her name and we’ve never talked before.

“You should be a stand up comedienne!” she gushed.  “You’re just so great up there, coming up with things off the top of your head.”

I won’t embarrass you by going further, but she had more to say about my awesomeness.

My alternate life involves people thinking I’m funny so this was pretty much the best compliment I have ever received.

The rest of the day was terrible since all the males at my house are sick.  But let us focus on the positive.


15 Mar

I went to visit my 80+ year old friend at the hospital this morning.  He had surgery yesterday involving things going to the heart and such.  I don’t really know.  He looked great, so much better than lately, with blood actually flowing correctly.  So it was a good visit.

But then.  Leaving.  I was suddenly struck by the fact that EVERYONE I KNOW WILL DIE.  It was odd and sad and out of the blue.

And all of my friends’ children came, from wherever they live, to sit at the hospital yesterday during his surgery, along with oodles of grandchildren.  It wasn’t a major surgery by any means, but they showed up and supported.  Such a thing never would have crossed my mind or my siblings’ minds.  I kind of feel like we are terrible people.


Story of A Boy

13 Mar

I read this article about praising kids–for being smart or working hard.  I think about this a lot because…because I do.  I have a risk averse child at times.

Interestingly, the thing that has worked best for Cole to be willing to try hard stuff, has been piano.  First day of new songs?  Frustration, sometimes tears.  Next day, we keep working and by day three he’s got them down.  I’m hoping that he can see this pattern.  In case he doesn’t, I point it out frequently.

This raising kids business…there’s so much to think about.  Sheesh.

Am I Wrong?

12 Mar
M&M varieties from best to worst, with packaging color purchasing assistance
1. peanut butter (orange)
2. plain (brown)
3. peanut (yellow)
4. mint (green)
5. raspberry (magenta)
6. pretzel (blue)
7. coconut (white)

Happy Making

8 Mar