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31 Aug

I cannot vouch for this book, especially because Amy Sedaris often is crude, but I think it looks hilarious.  Read more here.  Really though, Crafts for Poor People?  One of the best subheadings ever.


Never Say Never

30 Aug

The last birthday party for anyone in this house took place when I went paint balling at age 16.
Until Monday.
There will be pirate ship building. Decorating bandanas. Glow in the dark swords. Cookie decorating.
There will be three little boys, plus Cole. We are having a separate activity with our woman friend later.

I wanted to just go somewhere. Apparently you have to plan ahead in the kid party world. I wanted to never have a birthday party. School ruined that for me. Cole has been talking about his birthday EVERY DAY since school started. I do remember that from back in the day–birthdays are much more important.

So, in the spirit of the child, you should all really start preparing for my birthday that is a mere month away. Get on it!

Don’t worry, there will be updates on the party that is sure to not go as planned. I’m tired just thinking about it.

Truly Delightful

29 Aug

Great Moments in Education

28 Aug

Professor Osborn: “Why don’t you have your books?”

Student: “They didn’t give me any.”

Professor Osborn: “This is college.  You have to buy your books.”

Student: Blank stare for the next 60 minutes with no attempt to pretend to be alive or learning.


A Little Odd

27 Aug

I really want to buy one of these.  Wouldn’t it be handy to mix without electricity?  I’m not usually very retro, but I keep looking at similar hand mixers on Etsy.  Soon I will break down and own one.  It might be amazing, but I’m not counting on it.

In other news, I helped someone edit her personal statement for her medical residency.  I should really do that for a living; people are smart in different ways.  Just because you are a doctor or nearly one doesn’t mean you can write well.  Can someone put together that business for me?  Or start it yourself and I’ll work for you.  This really could be a great plan.

Date Day

25 Aug

The husband was off work for two months.  TWO.

He went to work for three days and realized that all his work clothes were worn out and crap.  I knew this.  I mentioned to him a number of times, always sweetly of course, that he needed to buy some clothes.

The husband chose not to take care of this situation.

So today we got a babysitter and went man clothes shopping on an odd date.  I didn’t buy a single thing.  We spent nigh unto $300.  I’m hoping he will look less homeless this week.

We also had really great Japanese food.

Other good parts of the date?  I couldn’t hear Cole screaming and crying about how there are too many Legos to clean up.  I may have sounded like my mother and said, “If there are too many to clean up, we can give them to another family.”  This did not help with the hysteria.

Super Sad

24 Aug

My favorite product is melt on the tongue strips for sick kids.  They got rid of the night time ones awhile ago, and I finally ran out of my secret stash.  Boys have been coughing and runny nosed for the past 10 days and I just finished a box of daytimes.  This is what I found on the website.

No more?  There’s so much less drama with these strips than any other kind of medicine.  I’m devastated!  Truly.  I’m not being dramatic at all here.

Do you have any other cough/cold recommendations for me as we come up on fall when Owen will start his annual six months of sickness.  HELP!