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Best Handmade Product Ever

31 Dec

If you don’t think this is funny, you are wrong. I can’t stop thinking about it and laughing to myself.


Peaceful, Easy Feeling

30 Dec

I have been a bit unsettled for the past six months or so.  Not at peace inside myself is the best way I can describe it.  Then I went to visit my grandma staying with her daughter, my Aunt Becky.

It was quiet.  I can’t really describe it, except that I felt calm.  Unworried.  OK.  My kids were there, my cousin and aunt with mental handicaps were there, Todd was there, but I felt alone in the world in the best possible way.

We had two nice days.  The boys rode horses.  They played in a lot of dirt.  I chatted.  I sat.  I didn’t fret.  I’ll be going back.

Nothing in my life has changed.  I still don’t know what my purpose is; I still hate how fat I am; I still worry about money; I still have a husband who doesn’t love me.  But I feel much better.  It was good.

Little house of happy

The Grandma (93) and I (34)

Good Stuff

29 Dec

I just read a fabulous article that I can’t find online anywhere, but lets not focus on that small annoyance.  It is about happiness.  But not crappy cheesy.  What a great combination!

So there’s a quote from Gretchen Rubin of The Happiness Project (link to her blog) that seriously might change my whole life.  No exaggeration.

What you do every day matters more than what you do once in a while.

Think about it.  Spending your money and time on things that improve your life, others’ lives, your family’s life, every day not just on big things like a vacation or (in the case of the article) a trailer that you use for camping twice a year.  Of course, you still have to figure out what the little things are that make the most difference.  This is something that could be good for me to think about.


We just returned from two perfect days that I will tell you more about tomorrow.  Can’t even tell you how good.  Wow.


26 Dec

I spoke to all three of my brothers yesterday, which I enjoyed.  Mostly.

They are all three pretty depressed.  One, because he is a jackass who does stupid things, but it still counts since first he gets depressed then self destructs.

I worry that I should not have procreated and brought into the world two young men who are going to have the same mental health proclivities as their mother and her entire family.  It is a big worry.

On the bright side, my brothers are all hella funny.  If only that was enough.  Also on the bright side, I’m doing ok these days.  October was a fairly down month but I’m surviving December nicely despite the incessant winter-ness.

I hope you all are well and loved and content.  Seriously.  If there is anything I can do to help along those lines, let me know.


25 Dec

We had a very small frugal Christmas this year with just one Santa present–a punching bag.  But the boys slept in till 8 which was a great present.  I had requested some acts of service from Todd but he chose not to give me a certificate for them, so that was a little disappointing.  We’ve been having a mellow day with lots of games and projects.  Todd is slow roasting a beast that I don’t think will be done till 10pm, so if you want to come down there is probably time.

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Parenting Tips

23 Dec
  • If you have a sensitive child, don’t talk about the naughty list aspect of the Santa story.  It will traumatize said child.  He, who already worried every day about being a good person, will now worry that he is not only going to hell and making you all disappointed, but also that he won’t get any presents because of infinitessimally small lapses in behavior.  This will have no effect on the other child who embraces his naughty.
  • Just because a movie says that it has ONE swear word (and not even that one), no sex, no blood, it may not be the best choice for a family outing with a 6 and 2.89 year old.  We all enjoyed Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol but the intense action made Cole worry a lot about if Ethan Hunt (aka Tom Cruise) would survive.

Whether or not you have children, you can still pass on my tidbits to people in the line at the grocery store who seem to be bad parents.  They will totally appreciate it.  Trust me.

Early Presents

22 Dec

An awesome bracelet–with my initials–from my 3.5 year old friend Elise.  The only jewelry I’ll be getting this year.  And the boys got Star Wars cups full of tiny little presents from their babysitter.  Some people are so nice!