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Home Improvements

30 Sep

In an attempt to not go crazy, I starting ripping out the carpet in my house last week.  In my defense, I have hated the carpet since we moved in in 2001 and half the house was already free of it.  So a concrete staining strategy is in the works.  But if everything is already out of the living room, I can’t stop at the floors.  Cole was nice enough to tape up all the paint swatches selected by members of the family–Todd and I seem to agree on something called upper east side which makes me laugh.  Owen chose a magenta shade and doesn’t understand why it isn’t a top contender.

But the most exciting part (new blinds come close) is the accent wall.  There’s a 30 inch wide wall that juts out in the living room–I think the hall closet is the purpose–and we’ve considered a lot of things for it.  Todd was leaning toward some kind of stone.  But I have a different idea.  Thoughts?

penny wall

This is a floor, but the close-up was what I wanted you to see.

This is a floor, but the close-up was what I wanted you to see.


Little Man

26 Sep

Owen is coming into his own in the universe.  He wrote words to go with his drawing today, with no help, and they were correct.  I nearly cried.  He’s very interested in everything.  He talks like his brother, which is funny, because they both talk like Explaining Eliana.  We walked the dog early today (gorgeous weather); when Peter Parker peed on a tree, Owen postulated that the dog wanted a little privacy.

The kid loves preschool.  He loves showing me his papers to talk about what he did each day.  He can run a full mile and has the cutest jogging form.  He’s so good about taking his medicine; best is when Cole is fussing about Tylenol and Owen tells him to man up since he has to take meds every day.

We played soccer at the park last night (I told you, I’m in love with being outside right now) and Owen had skills.  Six months ago he’d just chase the ball to sit on it.  He weaved, he kicked strong, he was great.

So right now I’m in love with the 4.7 year old child.  He’s a keeper.

Two Things

24 Sep

This mall in Kenya with the craziness and whatnot?  I’ve been there.  It is lovely.  Was.  This is very sad.

Also, a reason that I love the husband despite the many ways he makes me crazy.

“I want to go to the beach,” I tell him late one night.

He takes a moment.

“Not for vacation huh?”

The man is a genius.  Two of my favorite books involve suicide by water.  He totally called it, nearly instantly.  That’s impressive.

(if I was going to kill myself I would not write about it on my blog, fyi.)

Best Gifts

22 Sep

My mama brought me something amazing when she was here last weekend.  No, not the beautiful Zulu basket or the charming olive oil bottles from her recent Mediterranean cruise (both were nice).

Almonds.  With salt.  With dark chocolate.  In an evil combination that took my breath away.  I will never be the same now that I have tasted such nectar.  You can learn more about this product here, though to buy you’ll have to go on Amazon and pay way more than the in-store Trader Joe price.

I feel like you aren’t believing me about these nuts.  I wish I had better describing words right now.  I’m just saying, the sea salt did something to turbo boost everything else.  Wow.  Wow wow wow.

So now you know.


20 Sep

We love Caspar Babypants at our house (really) so the new album, which arrived a few days ago, was exciting since we’d pre-ordered it forever ago.  Here’s one of the songs.  The whole thing is called Baby Beatles because…that’s right! Beatles songs.  Fantastic.  You can buy it here.

Things That Make Me Sad

19 Sep

1. Reading My Beautiful World by Supreme Court Justice Ms. Sotomayor.  Someone asked me at boy scouts (another ranting post) last night what I was reading.  I showed her.  She sounded out the title with confusion.  She literally had no idea who this person is, despite the photo cover.  My respect meter went down a bit.  It made me sad.

2. Everything.  I’m at two months off meds.  Lets just say that antidepressants were the only thing making me able to function in society.  Without them I cry.  A lot.  Such is life.


16 Sep

House next to ours.  As in, two feet (or ten, but that’s my room and pvc pipe) away from the wall of my living room.  Sunday morning, 5 a.m.  For. The. Love.

IMG_8018 IMG_8021