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31 Jan

We celebrated Owen’s birthday a day early since I have to work tonight.  Owen at four is too smart for his own good.  We might finally be coming into a phase where he is more lovely and less challenging.  It is still pretty close, but maybe 51/49%.  The car rug is something I should have bought years ago; we opened it in the morning so we could play all day.  Might I recommend that Stomp Rocket?  Very awesome.  Look it up on Amazon.  Works great, glows in the dark, cheap.  What more could you want?


Holiday Help

30 Jan

I just found the gifts for the men in my life for Valentine’s Day.  I’ll give a shout out to The Boo Box (worst shop name ever?) from Etsy who is the creator of such goodness.  There’s a death star too, the size of a baseball.



27 Jan

On the way out of church today I saw a woman I have known for several years.  She pointed to Todd and asked, “Are you married to him?”

I said yes.

It was very strange.


21 Jan

Boys were making me crazy yesterday, so I proposed a contest: build a space house on the moon using Legos.

Twenty minutes later, the competition was complete.

Cole built a home with dual energy sources, including gears turning a thing to make electricity as well as solar panels.  Another area of sleeping, as well as a docking station for incoming space shuttles and a device for sending out communications.

Owen built something and only wanted to talk about two of the features: a radioactive fence and a part that could smash Cole’s building.

Both were declared winners and given a lollipop.  The differences between my children can be simply summed up in their buildings–thinker and anarchist.  The next ten or twenty years should be interesting.

Shout Out

19 Jan

About a year ago, I watched a fun movie at my cousin’s house in exchange for feedback.  And now said cousin in taking over Sundance Film Festival.  Super proud of little Jerusha Hess and how well Austenland is doing.  I hear it is going well and I couldn’t be happier.  You can see a funny picture of Jeru here and here and read some of the oodles of press–Rolling Stone gave the movie a shout out too.

Anyway, the film should be purchased soon and you’ll all be able to watch it.  Girly fun, coming your way.

Help Please

18 Jan

So there is an MFA program I would like to enroll in.

In New Zealand.

If we live there, the price is very reasonable.  If I go as an international student it is insanely expensive.

And I’m sick of Yuma.

So please, let’s find the Todd a job in New Zealand.  Just two years.  It is a one year program (part of the awesomeness) so we could live for a year then the year I go to school.

But we need a job.  So get on it.

Funny Kid World

17 Jan

We’re on day 10 or 27 or 6 million of Very Sick Children and Constant Couch Time.  We won’t talk about it.  This bit of Sesame Street made me laugh very hard today.  So enjoy.