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Kindergarten Writing Prompts

17 Feb

I love it when Cole brings his writing projects home with him, like these two:

  1. What would you do with $100?  I will buy a car and a tv. (when I asked him, he said he would need $200 to buy a house.)
  2. If I were the President of the United States, I would…Go boling (bowling) at the White House.

This, in addition to the picture he drew of himself at 100 where he pretty much looks like Yoda.  Have I mentioned lately that I am completely in love with Cole’s teacher?  She’s fabulous in every way.


A Great Valentine Day

15 Feb

1. I convinced Cole to get his hair cut by saying it was a present for Todd for the day of love.  Cole has been growing out his hair for like six months and it looked terrible.  I am thrilled with the results.

2. This was my gift to the boys. I’m pretty fantastic.

3. Todd blew it out of the park with surprise sold out tickets to a concert at the Walt Disney Concert Hall.  Sneaky devil.

4. Volunteered for the kindergarten party.  Hilarious.

That Sherman Alexie…

14 Feb

From “The Ballad of Paul Nonetheless” in War Dances

He sang without irony, for he was a twenty-first-century American who’d been taught to mourn his small and large losses by singing Top 40 hits…

Despite all the talk of diversity and division…Paul believed that Americans were shockingly similar.  How can we be so different, thought Paul, if we all know the lyrics to the same one thousand songs?  Paul had memorized, without effort or ever purchasing or downloading one of their CDs–or even one of their songs–the complete works of Garth Brooks, Neil Diamond, and AC/DC.  And if words and music can wind their way into and around our DNA strands–and Paul believed they could–wouldn’t American pop music be passed from generation to generation as easily as blue eyes or baldness?  Hadn’t pop music created a new and invisible organ, a pituitary gland of the soul, in the American body?


shhh, secret

13 Feb

I’m wary to put anything into print because of our track record, but Todd and I are going away for the long weekend.  No kids.  Three days.  Every time I plan something like this the Owen child gets super sick, so I am trying to not get my hopes up.  But still…

Cross your fingers for us.  First time away in four years.  Sheesh.

With a Father Like Todd…

11 Feb

The boys are busting through the whole Narnia series.  Because their father is Todd, they are both singing these two songs all over my house all the time.  We are a weird family.


10 Feb

My 10 year old friend Henson won his school spelling bee and advanced to the county one with 50 other kids.  Owen and I went to support him.

It was nerve wracking.  My stomach hurt every time it was his turn.  He did great, despite lots of foot jiggling.  He was successful through round three and was one of nine kids left, then got knocked out in round 4.

I don’t know if I could watch Cole in the same activity.  It was so hard!  Owen was less than entranced by 90 minutes of spelling, what a shock.


9 Feb

Owen fell off the swings today, twice.  The problem with my life is that I have to worry:

  • is he just being a weird normal kid?
  • is he dizzy from his newly upped meds?
  • is he having a problem holding on which happens after he’s had a seizure?
  • does this have anything to do with his right side muscle weakness?

I feel paranoid all the time.  Then sometimes I should be, as evidenced by my visit with his neurologist.  Something is going on–he’s having problems with his right leg, his reflexes are jumpy, he’s super light sensitive, and his seizures are changing.  We will see.

Anyway.  I know I’m a bad blogger lately.  But this is what I am thinking about all the time and it isn’t much fun to read.  So I have just shut up mostly.  And there you have it.