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30 Jan

Chilling with Baby Isaac and his mom in Maryland today before I head home tonight.  I had a fantastic though exhausting day sightseeing in DC yesterday.  Good weekend.  Can I say how much I love public transportation?  And kid stores in museums?  I could buy everything.


Missing the Point

26 Jan

Yes, I know, I’m not blogging.  Trip, sick child, another trip.

The boys in this house just finished reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.  I wasn’t sure how it would go, what with Owen never sitting still for me, but both young ones loved it and were entranced.  The rest of the Narnia’s have been ordered and will be read accordingly.

Tonight my children were playing.  Both wanted to be the White Witch…you know, the most evil of all characters?  The one who kills Aslan?  Not really the message I was hoping we would take away from our Christian fable.

Just goes to show you, no matter what, boys (at least mine) will find a way to turn it into a weapons moment.  I’ve been turned to stone quite a few times today and no one will unfreeze me, no matter my pleas.  No more classic literature in this house!

Two Faced Child

12 Jan

This kid is going to be the death of me–and not just because of the injuries.  This week Owen has decided that he needs to kiss me, all over, constantly.  Dozens of times at once.  And also be on my body at every moment. Love it when the others are gone all day so I have to fill the void in his life.  But then, he dresses up or says something hilarious…

Nerd Life

11 Jan

Cole has a friend.  They plan coordinating outfits.  He got a matching lunch box over Christmas so that he and Cole can be more the same.  Also, Cole says that this boy’s eyes are wide like bugs all the time (not just when he makes funny faces).  Destiny.


8 Jan

There is a lot of color on my left foot, just not the toenails.  Lots of black.  Green and blue and yellow.  I look gross.  It feels more human, slightly, so that is a good thing.

On a brighter note, someone brought me a super fun present.  Listen up ’cause you should follow the example.  She brought me a book–always good–and a craft that went with it.  At first I was confused but then I realized that the sparkly shamrock creation went along with the story.  How fun is that?  Answer: very fun.


6 Jan

I was racing Owen home from a walk this morning.  I tripped, twisted my foot, and went down.  It was a bad bad moment.  I lied there in some gravel, 1/4 mile from home, with no one else around.  But I was the grown up and had to get home so we muddled our way home with me trying not to scream with each step.

According to the semi nice folks at urgent care, nothing is broken.  I don’t know if I believe them though.  I sprained both my foot and my ankle.  Top, bottom, both sides.

If you remember last weekend, that was the bowling fall.  Todd wants me to get my inner ear checked out.  He might be right.  I note that both incidents (and my knee injury 2 years ago) were because of Owen.  That’s what I think is the common ground.

Anyway, I’m crippled for now.  Sorry,  no artistic reenactment as of yet.

Commuting Is Fun!

5 Jan

The husband has been driving 52 miles each way to work most days for the past eleven years.

Right before Christmas, he got his second ticket, same as the ticket before.

See, California would like him to register his car in their state since he is employed there.  As a user of the roads, I understand this.  Problem is, Arizona would like him to register his car in their state since he lives there.  And therein lies the problem.

If the commute was 35 miles or less, Todd could get a commuter sticker–$15 for two years.  But no.

He gets to have a SECOND LICENSE PLATE.  He went to court over it before and the judge said, “I know it makes no sense but that is the law.”  After two hours at the DMV yesterday trying different avenues, same result.

I’m pretty sure that we are going to have more hassle when he gets pulled over in any state for having two license plates, looking like a criminal.

But at least it isn’t the car fun that happened to the guy he carpools with (who will remain nameless).  X was coming through a border patrol checkpoint over the holidays (we have them everywhere around here…whole other post).  X was referrred to secondary when a drug dog hit on his car.  The agents found a joint in the car.  It was not X’s.  It was his son’s (so the story goes).  I cannot believe they just let him go.  Todd is just glad it wasn’t a day they were together.  Usually the border patrol is not known for leniency, though I guess they are mostly looking for Big Time Drug Amounts, not personal stash, but still…

And that is some of the magic of our life.