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Dream Job

31 Jul

One of my favorite books is A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.  Just thinking about it makes me smile with a faraway look.

Francie, the main character, gets a job that I always wanted.  She does newspaper clippings.  She reads lots of papers and cuts out the relevant ones for the clients she is assigned.  Computers do that now.  They aggregate.  There are no scissors or razor sharp edges involved.  It’s too bad, because I would be great at that job.

In college I had a good friend for many years named Will.  He counted fish.   He got paid for it.  He loved it and was perfect at it and I envied that a bit.  Not the counting fish part–I’m not too into wildlife–but the having the perfect job for you part.

So, what’s your dream job?  Obviously, it would pay enough to live on.  This is the perfect world we’re talking about here.


Living the Jedi Life

30 Jul

Todd has a Star Wars shirt.  It makes his sons very happy.  Cole has a pile of the, even though he has to wear a uniform to school.  A few months ago I got Owen a custom Star Wars shirt that makes him smile every time he wears it.  But the two best additions to the collection are both Star Wars products from Etsy.  One is Cole’s from Engram Clothing and mine is a rather odd one, but it was the only way I was willing to participate in the frenzy.

Cole gets compliments everywhere when he wears this.


29 Jul

I read this post about observing the Sabbath, religious or secular wise, at an unexpected place–another blog from the Chronicle of Higher Education where I write about community college.  I really enjoyed it and thought others might as well.  I liked the idea of making your ‘day of rest’ not be about activities you can’t/don’t do, but about what you can do or choose to do.  It is an attitude shift I can work on.

My childhood home was a strict one.  We won’t delve into that.  I don’t want the same thing, but I do believe in the 10 commandments and try to make Sunday different from other days.  I can do better at it.  If you have any helpful thoughts, share.  Read the link.  Seriously.  Interesting and good stuff.

Beach Fun

28 Jul

Thursday we drove out to San Diego with my friend Lara and her four kids.  Six kids in a car was new for me.  It was a perfect day, despite cranky Owen.  The downfall came Friday when I had some of the worst behaved children I have ever known in my whole life.  It was a long one.  Lots of tears.  Many time outs.  Much frustration.  They slept in today though so I’m hoping we are back on track.  Some pictures for your enjoyment.

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A Book Review

27 Jul

The Orphan Master’s Son by Adam Johnson

Best book of 2012 I’m gonna say.  The year isn’t done, but wow.  Set in North Korea and somehow so so realistic even though I know very little about it.  The details are amazing–torture chiefs who repeatedly break their own hands so remember how real pain feels.  Loudspeaker announcements about Dear Leader’s 11 holes in one during a golf game.

Haunting I think is the word I would choose.  Love, sadness, hope, fear, desolation, evil, quiet, individuality, brutality.  Choose any big abstract noun and you’ll find it.

I keep talking about this book to Todd.  He may be getting tired of it.  I talked about it a lot driving to the beach (pictures to follow) with my friend Lara yesterday.  Please read it and then talk to me.  Truly an impressive work of art.


26 Jul

The Todd husband is turning 40 later this year.  I need to do something great.  He is kind of a misanthrope though which makes it harder.  Outside of the obvious sports car route, which is out of my price range, I need ideas.


Cruel and Unusual

25 Jul

I did something I’m not proud of, about four years ago.  I put Fetus Owen on a waiting list for a preschool.

I had actually called about Cole going to the preschool.  They were kind while they laughed at me wanting him to go only one year ahead.  Then they explained how popular they are.  The preschool is actually the learning lab at my community college.  I thought as faculty I might get to jump the list.  No.  I get a nice discount but still have to wait in line.

They do great stuff.  Amazing stuff.  They have a fabulous adult/child ratio from all the students.  And a lovely new facility.

Today I got the call.  TODAY.  Four years after putting Owen on the list.  Someone unexpectedly moved.  There is an opening.

Why is this cruel and unusual?  They no longer offer part time.  Owen would have to go all day, every day.  That is not what I want.  It is somewhat tempting but not really.  I got off the phone a heartbroken woman.  I will mourn a little for what could have been.  Then I will go play Legos.