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We Didn’t Start the Fire

30 Dec

We took Zach and Nueng out to our best Secret Fire Spot last night for a  lovely bonfire.  Very relaxing.  Today we’re off to Mexico for amazing shrimp tacos and a movie later in the day.  Tomorrow we’ll visit the library and have our traditional New Year’s Eve bowling.  Try to contain your enthusiasm!



No Mas

29 Dec

I’m here with an announcement.  I even have discussed it with the Husband before making a blanket pronouncement (even though I prefer to have whims and make others follow them).

No presents will be given or received in this house in 2014.

We just have so much.  It is ridiculous.

I’m not mean.  Really.  Kids have talked about it too.  We’ll celebrate birthdays and such with an activity.  But no presents.  I’ll be sending thoughtful and humorous missives to peeps.  But I won’t be buying.  Etsy might wither up and die without my business, so I apologize in advance for that.

I think it will be good.  Hard, especially for me since gifts are a way I show love.  But branching out is good.  Moving past the initial impulse to buy might make me dig a little deeper, give of my time rather than wallet.  And I want us to stop filling our house with stuff.

I’ll write more soon about my theme for 2014 (thanks to MBC for the idea of a theme rather than resolutions), and the No Gifting will definitely tie into the Big Picture.

So no gifts.  Write us a note instead.  That includes you mom.  Don’t test me.


28 Dec

After much anticipation, the Brother and the Fiance have arrived!  We are looking forward to a fun week.  The males in the house are particularly enamored of Nueng’s Thai food and snacks she has brought.  We have no big plans till after New Years but lots of hanging out and hikes and games.

Owen is happy to have anyone to read to him and love him.

Owen is happy to have anyone to read to him and love him.


23 Dec

Take the quiz.  I knew I talked like a westerner but still I found the questions quite interesting.  Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

Here’s my results about my speech regionalisms.  I speak most like a person from Seattle or Salt Lake City.  That makes sense as a person raised by a SLC mother who grew up in the northwest.  I’d love to hear your results dear readers.

For the Kids

19 Dec

Cole’s current favorite song:

Owen’s latest obsession is with poultry. He wants a chicken for Christmas. He is not getting one. Really. No matter how much he asks.


Absolute Truth

19 Dec



17 Dec

SAMSUNGThe whole family went to a concert Saturday night, instead of the usual Eliana and Cole cultural dates.  Who knew that the Yuma Civic Orchestra had mad skills?  Blown away.  Watching Cole’s face as he got caught up in the different instruments coming in and coming all together was fabulous.  We talked about manners before the event and Owen did well for the first hour…then it was hard to sit still.  Mostly he kept whispering do you hear the jingle bells, batman smells part?  He liked the mash-ups of Christmas songs where he could pick out parts he knew.

Walking out to the car, Cole asked if we could go to the next classical music concert.  Score!  The next day I put on a Vivaldi cd and Owen said it definitely sounded classical.

I’m happy my boys liked it, that Todd was willing to go, and that everyone is old enough to go along with my plans to make a well rounded family.  Good times.