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Living Room

31 Oct

The blinds should be installed this weekend, if the husband isn’t too tired of projects.  The baseboards still need to be painted.  But furniture is back in, pictures are up, and we’re living in the living room.  It makes me happy.  The pictures have terrible lighting.  I should do something about that.  But I’m not.

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Sweet Child of Mine

28 Oct

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First school pictures.  He’s clearly related to me with the goony faces, but they do accurately reflect what day to day life is like with Mr. Owen.

My Boyfriend Aaron Sorkin

27 Oct

Many of you know that I’m a big West Wing fan, even all these years after it left the air.  I rewatched all seven seasons, finishing last year.  I’ll probably start over at the beginning again next time I get sick and pitiful.

But for now I’m hooked on The Newsroom.  Love.  Love.  Love.  Don’t have HBO so we just finished season one, but season two wrapped up in September.  Some strong language for those of you who care, but not like a typical HBO broadcast.  If you fancy yourself a member of the Tea Party then you probably won’t like the show.  Otherwise, you should watch it.  Fantastic.  Bringing me joy in this dark stage of my life.  Did I mention how I love it?


Meditations on the Osmonds

23 Oct


For my birthday, my college friend and I went to see Donny and Marie Osmond at the Flamingo Casino in Las Vegas.  In the audience we saw two young ladies, one young man, and no one else under the age of 50.  We had fun, though the show was not as spectacular as we had hoped (or as my grandmother had led me to believe).

What I came away with was a deep sadness over the differences between how these two siblings seem to be handling life.  Let me say up front that I have very little familiarity with the Osmond family, other than a deep and abiding junior high love of Soldier of Love and annoyance that people in my childhood would ask me if I was related to them, because ‘Osborn’ and ‘Osmond’ are clearly the same last name.

Throughout the show, Marie seemed obsessed with her age.  She make frequent jokes about being 29, another about hot flashes, and various comments about having no wrinkles.  Donny on the other hand, though injured, did none of this.  The contrast was so striking—one person being comfortable and the other not.  Same goes for Marie’s dozen costume changes.  Some of this is the unfair burden placed on women versus men in society, especially show business.

My overall impression was that of sadness for Marie Osmond, not for the tragedies of her life (which I am sympathetic to) but that she, despite fame, doesn’t seem happy.  She seemed to be trying soooo hard that it hurt my little heart.   Is it harder to be a working celeb Mormon woman than man?  Probably.  Donny just seemed so much more content, gracious, mellow…I don’t know.

Those are my non-gambling Vegas thoughts.  And, my arm looks super fat in the above picture.  Fatter than even in real life.


20 Oct

Driving from Yuma to Tucson Friday, I had an odd experience. The whole drive through southern Arizona is pretty desolate and empty.  I saw a man staggering around off to the side of the freeway, no cars around or anything. He had a gallon jug and looked haggard. So probably someone who crossed the border and had been wandering northward.  

Moment of conflict: call 911 since the guy looked about to die. But I felt bad knowing that he would then be deported. I know you should not enter a country illegally, but I also know what I would do if I could not take care of my family. 

Anyway, so after a mile I did call 911 after realizing I would feel terrible if someone died.  Brief chat with dispatcher who put me through to the dps, then I lost the signal. So no idea what happened.  

That is my story for today.

It’s Time

16 Oct

I had to tell Cole that I have a sickness where I make too many tears, and that I was not unhappy with him every time I cry.  This because he’s on fall break and around all the time and noticed that I cry at least a dozen times a day.  He was getting worried.

Because my kid is awesome, he decided that I am a tear factory.  Sounds better than Extremely Depressed And Getting Worse.

I’ve passed the wanting to sleep all the time phase, passed where lots of projects can get me through the day.  I’m sinking into the Can’t Even Sleep, Can’t Make Myself Do Anything, Brain Hurts phase.  This is an untenable phase if I am trying to not ruin my children’s lives.

So, despite there being not one single psychiatrist that I can find who will take me as a patient, I’m going to go back on meds.  Heading to Mexico in the morning to try out something I took a long long time ago.  Hoping it will help.  Needing it to help.  Nothing I’m doing is working and something has got to change.

Happy Fall Break 2013!

I Heart America

13 Oct

colTry to get picture of Smokey the Bear or Woodsy Owl for Cole’s poster homework–they have to be the correct color scheme apparently since they were created by Congress.  I need to email the teacher.  This is better than my friend Kate’s very sad story about her  husband not being able to take their child to Gettysburg this week.