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31 Dec

We aren’t people with many traditions.  Really, just the bowling on the eve of the new year.  Very festive once again.




28 Dec

I know there are a few more days of 2012, but we have just returned home from two weeks of barely mitigated bliss of travel.  And yet I am taking a stand, here and now.

We are not visiting other people in 2013.

No fingers are being pointed, no comment is being made about the 1000 mile drive home with a sick, shaking epileptic child.  I’m just saying that people can come see us.  Not our turn.  It is always our turn.  ALWAYS.  And I’m saying no.


Happy Family

22 Dec

Christmas Miracle!

15 Dec

I’m in Utah watching my sister’s kids for a while. My brother Zach is here too! Surprise trip! From Thailand! 30 hours of hideous flying and he’s here. I can’t even tell you how happy I am.
Also, there’s much snow. And did I mention that my brother is here???

I Wrote This

6 Dec

This is old but just published.  You can read it.  Or not.  I have a cold and my head feels very heavy, so I can’t boss you really.


Non-Female Happenings

4 Dec

1. For a while, Cole has been expressing discomfort with his underwear.  It is constrictive on his man parts.  This leads to contortions and much adjustments.  I finally got some boxer briefs to try to see if the different format works better for comfortable containment.  This all makes me remember when my baby brother wanted to wear boxers like the big boys, around age 4.  But there was not enough support and they would hang out the edge of his shorts.  Funny times.

2. Last night I had a chat with all three other members of my family.  Subject?  Not peeing on the floor.  Todd was offended, which is too bad since it wasn’t just a special lesson for the Under 10 set.  I may stop cleaning bathrooms entirely until we all work on this talent.

3. Read BOYS ADRIFT if you haven’t before.

Must Do

2 Dec

We watched LINCOLN.  You should go.  As soon as possible.  Even if you live or have lived in Lincoln, Nebraska, like several of my readers.

I have never seen Abraham Lincoln walk, but I’m pretty sure Daniel Day Lewis got it spot on.  His physicality was breathtaking.  And the movie did such a nice job with a narrow scope–wish I could gt my students to write so narrowly.  It was amazing.  And sad.  And beautiful.  I’m still thinking about it and will be for some time.