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Why Today is AMAZING

24 May
  1. I have a new BFF.  His name is Gabriel.  He brought me my new fridge this morning at 7:20 a.m.  Do you know how much I dislike not having a fridge and freezer? I had no idea how important this was to me until this very long week.  Gabriel, you will be in my heart forever.
  2. Temps under 100.
  3. I wrote this early today and then my keyboard died.  I can’t even remember the third thing.  The fridge continues to be awesome.  The digital readout tells me that when I push the turbo (it has a real name) it went down to -25 degrees.  I don’t think I need that, but it is nice to know.

Saturday Spending

19 May

Desert peaches, tiny and sweet: $1/pound, picked by my boys

Hot stone massage, $79, no discount for the four burns on my back

New shiny refrigerator, undisclosed amount, to replace the dead one full of food at our house.  Won’t be here till Friday.

Small Health Blizzard, $3.29, no discount for the food poisoning (imagine your own details).

Food Porn

19 May

Copper River Salmon…I could kill someone for a piece right now.  Then this photo in the Anchorage paper just tormenting me!  The best part of Todd fishing last summer was the 50 pounds of salmon he brought home.  It has been gone for a long time now and we are sadly without.

The Search

17 May

My friend Kate is moving in less than two weeks.  Combined with the previous exodus of other good friends, things are looking a bit precarious for me.  The 2012 Quest for a New Friend has not found success yet.

Here are some of the things I am looking for in The Newby (though of course I’m getting desperate and will take much, much less):

  • thinks I am funny, also reasonably funny herself
  • female (sorry guys)
  • reads or watches the news at least once a week
  • does not use the words Tea Party to describe self or just in conversation

Things that would be nice:

  • doesn’t have a baby
  • reads books
  • has opinions, even if different than my own
  • has a hole in her heart the shape of Eliana
  • not obsessed with anything I find weird or creepy, like selling breast milk online or dressing like vampires
  • not stupid


In Progress

16 May

My default setting is not a good one.  But I am trying to work on a new mantra of positivity: I can.  Instead of thinking about why I am certain ways or feeling hopeless (something I am very good at), I am really trying to imagine that I CAN do things…I can change.  I can do better.  I can be happy or healthy or whatever.

So if you overhear me whispering to myself, never you mind.  I’m trying really hard to change my patterns.  Wish me luck.


15 May

I felt very womanly, sitting with my males at the movie theater this weekend as we watched THE AVENGERS.  I just don’t care about super heroes.  There, I said it.  I can’t make myself be geared up about super powers or endless battles when no one ever seems to die.

That said, it was fun.  My boys have been jumping around the house endlessly, even while one of them is shaking with viral seizures.  He’s kind of giving me a heart attack.  But they are recreating every moment of awesomeness so I guess they enjoyed it.

Here’s my favorite part.  Swoon.  I know we aren’t meant to be, but a girl has to have her dreams.  Right?  RIGHT?

The Mom Version of Me

13 May

This is how I describe my mom (according to the 6 year old):

kind             pretty            awesome           cute

smell good           special             really nice


I can live with that.  By the way, I do smell good.