Border Problems

29 Jun

If you want to have a secure border, do something real.  Seriously.  I have no problem with defending the border.  But how about we do it for reals instead of half way so it doesn’t really work.

For example, if you actually don’t want anyone to come into the US:

  • put landmines all along the border fence.
  • Take the billion BP agents and station them every 50 feet.  Seriously.
  • Burn everything for 1/2 mile on either side of the border so it is freaky and obvious if anyone is nearby.
  • Electrify the fence.
  • Build guard towers and shoot people.

If you want to be nice, then you can’t have a secure border.  That’s all there is to it.  Without killing people, I don’t see how you can keep everyone out because there is such a super high incentive to cross and get away from a crappy life.

And that is what I think.

If this seems harsh, then maybe we should do something different and stop obsessing about the subject and take a different approach…like fixing Mexico.  Or breaking our country off to be a giant island.


One Response to “Border Problems”

  1. spanishjenna July 1, 2014 at 5:23 pm #

    Don’t even get me started on this topic. I have nothing nice to contribute. It’s such a stupid problem.

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