30 May

So there was this dress.  Not just any dress–certainly not an available in Yuma sort of dress.  A really great dress.  It was too much money.  I bought it anyway.

It was on backorder.

Enough time passed that I had decided that when the dress arrived, I would return it.  After all, I own a lot of clothes.  A lot.  Especially for a stay at home mom.

But then I made a mistake: I opened the box.  I held the dress up on the hanger.  Even covered in plastic, the goodness of the dress was apparent.

Then I made another fatal error: I tried it on.

Technically, a dress cannot remove pounds from a person’s body.  I know that.  But if I was less smart, I would think that the dress had been imbued with a secret formula/enchantment.  That’s how great it looked.

I’m keeping it.  New tires/new hot water heater/replacement camera be damned.  It is wonderful.  I may or may not take a picture when I wear it.  Why the hesitation?  Because I am not an attractive human being, even in the great dress.  The Dress might deserve a photo anyway though.  That’s how strong it is.

Why no link?  Because I’m going to be selfish and not share the dress.  Unless you ask nicely.  It clearly isn’t a secret since it was on backorder.

Message of today: you should splurge.  Don’t go crazy but you probably should do something a little splashy.  You have my permission.


2 Responses to “Splurge”

  1. kristine May 30, 2014 at 11:14 am #

    Hey if anyone can appreciate a great dress, it’s me. I’m glad you kept it! Now I want to see a pic of you wearing it. 🙂

  2. Amy May 30, 2014 at 1:49 pm #

    I must see this dress!

    Also, I was so happy to get the book in the mail . . . thank you!

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