College Reality Check

21 May

In one section of ENG 100 this term, only 33% of my students got a passing grade.

I find this horribly depressing.

Another 25% completed the semester but did not pass.

The other 42% disappeared over the course of spring 2014.

About a month ago, when I realized that my pass rate was going to be under 50%, I emailed my division chair to see if this was going to be an issue.  Generally I don’t worry because I know that I have an appropriate amount of work at an appropriate level of difficulty and whatnot, but this was shaping up to be my worst grades ever.  Madame Division Chair told me that I wasn’t alone; campus wide, students were dropping like flies.

  1. This is why I worry about my sons growing up and being lazy losers: because so many people are.
  2. This is why I think k-12 should be more, not less, rigorous.
  3. Why do people sign up for classes and pay money when they aren’t even going to show up?  This is just stupid.
  4. Maybe I need a new career where my self-worth is not tied to external forces out of my control.
  5. If I worked in a cubicle, which I have done in the past, I wouldn’t last a week.  And if there weren’t end dates every few months, I don’t know that I could cope.
  6. If you are planning to go to college or know someone who may, mention that simply signing up isn’t all you have to do.




2 Responses to “College Reality Check”

  1. Kristine May 22, 2014 at 12:25 pm #

    I have thoughts! I wonder if the location has anything to do with it? How are your public schools? My kids have the opposite problem- too much is expected of them. I swear, they have more homework than I did when I was in high school. Academic competition is much harder here, than I ever had to deal with. I’ve had friends who have moved to GA from UT and are blown away by the increased level of expectation. Perhaps that only means that UT stinks. ha.

  2. Cindy Clough May 23, 2014 at 4:50 am #

    I am also shocked at my students in community college. I do have some great ones, but there are several who sign up, pay, and only attend one or two classes. It is shocking.
    I do have about 60% finish the class, but I think that is too low.

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