Not Complaining

17 May

Really.  Mostly life is going very smoothly.  But…

  • My glenoid labrum tear on my right shoulder is increasingly painful and debilitating.  I cannot: brush my teeth, write on the board, pick up anything that requires two hands, type without pain.  I try to mop with my left hand and it is a mess.  I am frustrated and it isn’t horrible enough to really change my life, just to suffer along.
  • We need new tires on our truck.  They cost triple the amount I expected.
  • Our hot water heater is leaking.
  • There is only one week between finals of spring semester and the start of summer term.  I can’t think about summer till I finish stuff for spring, so that means next week will be insanely busy.
  • I can’t finish painting my baseboards till my arm is healed.  So I have a living room with half the baseboards painted.  And the ceiling in the redone master bedroom needs touch-ups which I can’t do left handed.
  • Swimming is the only thing that doesn’t hurt my shoulder.  This is good because I love to swim.  But the children jump on me and then it does hurt.  So I am the mean mom in the pool yelling, stop touching me!
  • My brother and his wife had a baby girl last week.  That’s the good part.  She’s been in NICU ever since with lung troubles.  Lots of stress.  Lots of money.  My brother isn’t super great with stress.  I worry.  I’m also far away so I can’t do anything.
  • I have delightful people who live in my house.  That’s nice.

One Response to “Not Complaining”

  1. jennasfriends May 19, 2014 at 9:03 pm #

    It’s hard to be a mom, or useful person, when recovering from physical ailments. (Hilary)

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