Moments of Greatness

15 May

I did something awesome this week.  Something that I think will become a Steinborn tradition, hopefully for generations to come.

Before the rest of family night, we went around in a circle.  Each person had to tell about what he was reading.  It was delightful!  Cole wouldn’t stop with the details, of course, but everyone else took just a few seconds.

We are a reading family, obviously, and I’m in love with the funny words Cole says that he’s gleaned from books that sound just slightly off in regular conversation.  Owen is reading #1 books as he calls them since they are mostly leveled and he’s feeling very successful.  Todd mostly reads periodicals and poetry.  I read a bit myself.

I am dreaming that when I am old (er) this will be something we still do.  I want us to talk about what we read, at least once a week.  You should institute such an activity in your home as well.  If you do, let me know how it goes!

ps–A. Wilson won the Rainbow Rowell giveaway and will be receiving her copy of Landlines in the mail shortly.


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