Stuff You Ought to Read

11 May

Really enjoyed this piece in the BYU alumni magazine–maybe this is the first time I’ve ever said such a thing.  But faith and brains aren’t in opposition, at least in my life, so I appreciated some ideas for encouraging questions and discussion in families.

Hopefully nothing bad will ever happen to anyone you know.  If it does, this might be helpful.  After reading this I bookmarked it to revisit as a reminder of the ways to reach out to those around us in pain.

You may not like little essays that are a bit too reflective (I’m looking at you Jenna) but this is short and won’t kill you.  Really.  And the last segment, about being jailed while in a wheelchair, kind of blew my mind.

And for something a little lighter, because really?  Come on now, we can’t get too deep and sad and solipsistic up in here.  Maybe not super light.  Maybe a little ‘funny because it rings of truth.’  A piece about makeup and how it maybe won’t fix everything.  Don’t I know it!


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