Ghetto Life

26 Apr

The king size bed is in the family room while the master bedroom is undergoing renovation.  The kids love it–watch tv in bed?  AMAZING.  This is why there is no tv in any bedroom at our house, because laziness is more addictive with a comfy bed.

The Smiths taught my boys to play chess some time ago.  I wish they hadn’t, since I dislike chess.  It was played in my childhood and did not build happiness.  Cole has now joined the chess club at school to further confirm his Nerd Status.  He told me that he beat everyone that versed him.  I was super confused until he kept talking–they say Cole versus Bob, so he just made it into a verb.  Luckily we have chess on the tablet that will explain to Owen why he is losing so that I don’t have to play with him endlessly.

IMG_8179 IMG_8180

One Response to “Ghetto Life”

  1. jennasfriends April 26, 2014 at 5:39 pm #

    Bonnie has started playing chess with Roger. She is more concerned about killing her opponent than winning and strategy. (Hilary)

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