15 Mar

I went to visit my 80+ year old friend at the hospital this morning.  He had surgery yesterday involving things going to the heart and such.  I don’t really know.  He looked great, so much better than lately, with blood actually flowing correctly.  So it was a good visit.

But then.  Leaving.  I was suddenly struck by the fact that EVERYONE I KNOW WILL DIE.  It was odd and sad and out of the blue.

And all of my friends’ children came, from wherever they live, to sit at the hospital yesterday during his surgery, along with oodles of grandchildren.  It wasn’t a major surgery by any means, but they showed up and supported.  Such a thing never would have crossed my mind or my siblings’ minds.  I kind of feel like we are terrible people.



One Response to “Mortality”

  1. liz March 20, 2014 at 1:30 pm #

    we are not terrible people and i go to the hospital all the time to visit friends. old and young, super sick or just a quickie. always with balloons.

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