Assorted Facts

6 Mar
  1. Owen needs glasses.  I suspected as much when I caught him closing one eye trying to focus while reading a book.
  2. We had to turn on the air conditioning yesterday.
  3. Weird kids in Cole’s class have started trying to hug me all the time.  It is yuck.
  4. We spent last weekend in Tucson.  Henson boy taught the boys to play chess.  It is all they do now.  I am not exaggerating.  I dislike playing chess.  I dislike talking about chess even more.
  5. I have really fat arms I’ve noticed lately, like more fat than my already fat rest of self.
  6. It is halfway through the semester and I still really like my students.  Things are going super well.  I’m sure it has nothing to do with me feeling ten thousand times better than I did last semester.
  7. My girl Addison (7.9 years) made me a complex bracelet with her Rainbow Loom so now I am one of the cool people.

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