Big News!

5 Mar

One of the most fun shows of all time from our good friends across the pond is Hustle.  Todd is a mysterious computer pirate so we have seen all EIGHT wonderful (short) seasons.  But until now, normal North American folks could only watch four seasons.  For some reason the rest weren’t available on dvd.

Then I was with my Lara girl who has Hulu Plus (less than $10 a month).  AND THEY HAVE HUSTLE!  ALL OF IT!

You should be excited right now.  If you are reading, I promise that you will like the show.  Really.  PROMISE.  No one, unless you are stupid and horrible, will dislike it.  I’m so in love with so many of the people on the show.  Serious love.  I’m pretty much planning the month of June to be my re-watch month when it is too hot to breathe outside.



One Response to “Big News!”

  1. kristine March 6, 2014 at 3:15 pm #

    Hmmm… I might try watching.

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