Not Helpful

2 Mar

I visited someone on bedrest last week, thinking she must be bored out of her mind.  Maybe she has literally lost her mind because I don’t know how else to explain her super tackiness.

Person: How is Owen’s health?

Me: He’s great.  Hasn’t had a seizure since the summer and has gotten insanely smart since he stopped taking meds.  We’re hoping he grew out of it.  (details about how this really happens)

Person: Well, that’s great but…My cousin has epilepsy and she only had absence seizures forever and took medication and it wasn’t a big deal.  Then a few years ago she had a massive seizure and forgot everyone and was in the hospital for like a week.  So you never know.


In case you were unsure, this is not helpful.  If you have a friend diagnosed with diabetes, perhaps it isn’t best to tell her horror stories about your drug addict brother and the complications of diabetes that he has.  True?  Yes.  Helpful?  No.

So now, in addition to the horribly named Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (really) I can worry about amnesia.  And, in case you want to defend her, yes I know that I need to be prepared for the true fact that I can never think Owen has grown out of seizures.  You can go decades with nothing and then they come back.  But.  FOR THE LOVE.

My rant has now ended.


One Response to “Not Helpful”

  1. Amy April 17, 2014 at 1:46 pm #

    Hi Eliana,

    Why did I think you shut down your blog?! Glad that I found this and I can now stalk you.

    So my Ethan had two heart surgeries last year. When the cardiologist was telling us about Ethan’s condition, he kept referring to a side effect called, honestly, “Sudden Onset Death.” It was not helpful terminology.

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