Aging, Not Gracefully

8 Feb

We went to a concert last night, billed as a Tribute to Neil Diamond. 

AFTER the intermission there were five Neil songs.  The rest of the night was not as expected…more of a variety show.  Which would have been fine if 1) I was expecting it and 2)I hadn’t paid $50 for tickets.

And of course, we were the only non-AARP members there.  Which is fine but funny.

Also, Todd recently purchased tickets for a fun family weekend to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary: a live show called Marvel Universe, featuring all the super heroes.  I know I’ve given up on my life because I went along with the plan.

But I glanced at the tickets this morning.  They are for April 2015.  Who sells tickets to an event (other than the Olympics or something important like an REM concert) 15 months in advance?  So weird.  We checked to see if it is a typo.  It is not.  We will have a great time next year.  I guess.  I suspect that it may be a large chunk of money down the drain as I don’t know if we can remember.



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