I Got No Title

13 Jan

Owen hasn’t had a seizure in five months.  He’s been off meds for two months.  His brain woke up and he turned into a much more energetic child, one obsessed with math.

Even if he doesn’t have another seizure for ten years, doctors keep reminding me that he can never be in the water alone.  As one said, even if he’s in the Olympics.

If you have a seizure in the water you don’t flail.  You sink.  And die.

O will be five later this month.  I might have to stop calling him ‘the baby.’

We did a four mile family walk on Saturday and I carried O for about five minutes.  He did all the rest.  Yesterday Todd and the boys climbed a mountain.  Same deal.

My sister doesn’t want us to take Owen to Thailand, both because she wants to snuggle him and because she thinks he will die.  I asked him what he thought.  He was horrified that I would think of such things.

In other Owen news, he has learned how to do his own inhaler since his preschool teachers aren’t allowed to help him.  It is cute and pitiful at the same time.  He also mishears all song lyrics, mostly because it makes Cole laugh.


One Response to “I Got No Title”

  1. kristine January 13, 2014 at 2:28 pm #

    Wow, 5 month’s, that’s fabulous!

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