10 Jan

I got electrocuted yesterday.  I am still alive (clearly) but it was unpleasant and creepy.  The outlet cover for the garbage disposal has been cracked for a while.  If the planets align, like if your hand is wet and you apply a bit of pressure with your thumb when you flip the switch, then you conduct electricity.  It has happened a few times and the Todd husband has told me it is impossible.  Yet somehow it continues to happen.

Yesterday was significantly worse.  I scared Owen with my yowls and felt weird for an hour.  Guess what project is definitely happening this weekend?


I have been cultivating, by baby steps, a new friend.  Several good meet ups in, I got a rude awakening this week.

She is obsessed with her cats.

I knew she had cats (along with a husband if you are making mental images) and that she felt overly warmly towards them.  But no big deal, everyone is weird.

Then we had lunch.  Additional cat details were revealed…such as their Christmas gifts.  And having special cat time.  And bringing them up repeatedly.  And visiting prairie dogs in Texas that reminded her of the cats.  I won’t go on but I could.

It was that sad moment of realization when it became clear to me that, no matter how much I like this woman, I don’t know if I can build a relationship with someone who talks about her cats more than ANY other subject.

I am shallow I guess.  I’m also allergic to cats.


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