14 Dec

Still looking for just that perfect gift for someone in your household?  Let me give you some valuable advice.  Seriously, I’m not being sarcastic.  Get them this Homedics massager.

419pIz+poWLWe bought ours more than ten years ago so I can’t remember the exact details.  It was at Sam’s Club so it was a much better deal that what it is selling for at Amazon.  To say that it has improved my quality of life would be an understatement.  It is really great.  I never change the heads but you can, to softer or heat conducting.  I don’t even know where they are so maybe you can get a cheaper version and not notice the difference.

This is a frequently given wedding gift from us to new couples.  See, Todd can’t give a massage to save his life.  This is very annoying to me.  I used to think he was just not trying but I suspect he has an actual disability in this area.  Thus the vibrating, dual headed massage machine has saved our marriage.

My children can operate the massager on their parents’ backs, quite effectively.  They even volunteer!  You can use it on yourself which works pretty well but isn’t particularly relaxing, though good for that unreachable knot that makes you crazy.

I just finished using my massager on my right shoulder where I am having lots of pain because of the child caring this week.  If you don’t own one but own children, you should probably buy it right now.  Pretend it is for your husband.


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