12 Dec

I don’t drink coffee or tea.  So I don’t have much need for the ubiquitous Starbucks experience.  I go maybe once a year to be social and have a pastry.

It was insanely cold this week.  I know, no one cares about Yuma cold, but it felt freezing nonetheless.  So I was the nice mom and took the boys to get hot chocolate at the Starbucks after school Monday.

Here’s my question: how can anyone afford to buy this crap everyday?  It was so expensive and I got the smallest size and only two of them.  Holy cow.

Also, I feel like an idiot at Starbucks.  So many choices, so many words that aren’t in my language.  It is like a trip over the border.

I think there must be crack in everything they sell to keep ya’ll coming back.  If I start drinking Starbucks coffee I’ll be broke within six months.  I know that Diet Coke is ruining my bones, but at least it only costs 79 cents for a giant drink.  So I’ll be able to use my pennies to buy a nicer coffin.


One Response to “Starbucks”

  1. Kate December 12, 2013 at 4:08 pm #

    Was this directed toward me? I assume you went to the big curve. Oh, I sometimes miss my special Starbucks next to Subway across the street from Albertson’s. Take a picture, would you? I know it’s a total waste of money, but Starbucks does fuel my good attitude.

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