Pajama Time!

10 Dec

Sandra Boynton books have saved my life as a mom more times than I can count.  Pajama Time isn’t classic literature, but any time you can ‘pajama to the left, pajama to the right, jamma jamma jamma jamma p j’ then life is pretty good.

Owen’s preschool had a service project collecting pajamas for the Safe House family shelter.  Scholastic donates a book for every pair, so a child gets a cozy evening with jammies and something to read.  We’re always on the look out for a project that can have relevance to the kids.  As I explained the concept of the Safe House, Cole kept reminding me that there can be bad moms too, not just bad dads.  This is true, I told him, but often dads are the ones who are so mean that a mom will need to take her kids somewhere else.  In Cole’s universe, this makes no sense: if anyone is going to be a bad guy who gets angry, it would be the mom.  Finally we agreed to let the issue go.

My deal was that if Cole and Owen spent their money buying one set of pajamas, I would buy 10 sets.  I figured that was equally uncomfortable financially for each of us.  So we did it.  You may notice that there are only 9 sets in this picture.  I briefly lost some very cute Baby Gap footies but they were under some magazines.  Which brings us to ten.  Because I forgot that I said I would do ten and just did a total of ten.  If the kids bring it up I will fix it.  Otherwise I’ve bought enough nightwear for a while.

We took our giant bag over to school yesterday and all felt pretty satisfied about doing a good deed.  I know my sister is sending a pair in our Christmas box to pass along too.  If anyone else is so inclined, we’d love you to participate with us.  We have till December 18.


One Response to “Pajama Time!”

  1. spanishjenna December 11, 2013 at 6:21 pm #

    This is sweet. I often hear Isaac singing the Pajama book under his breath while he’s playing. Cracks me up. Thanks for that.

    If I ever go back to Wal-Mart, I may send a pair. Isaac will dig this project. There is snow on the ground here so nobody can leave their house ever again ever. And if they do leave, it’s not safe for the rest of us. I was nearly rearended the other day by a guy who thought I was being a jerk when my car fishtailed and I let it come to a stop before proceeding. He flipped me off as he passed me on the shoulder and then slid off into the ditch.

    A lady at church told me that people who drive in snow are selfish–can’t they just let their lives go for a few days? I laughingly asked her what they should do if the snow stays around for more than a few days but since she’s lived in Austria, she knows more than I do. Ahhh, Maryland. The southern state that wasn’t.

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