20 Oct

Driving from Yuma to Tucson Friday, I had an odd experience. The whole drive through southern Arizona is pretty desolate and empty.  I saw a man staggering around off to the side of the freeway, no cars around or anything. He had a gallon jug and looked haggard. So probably someone who crossed the border and had been wandering northward.  

Moment of conflict: call 911 since the guy looked about to die. But I felt bad knowing that he would then be deported. I know you should not enter a country illegally, but I also know what I would do if I could not take care of my family. 

Anyway, so after a mile I did call 911 after realizing I would feel terrible if someone died.  Brief chat with dispatcher who put me through to the dps, then I lost the signal. So no idea what happened.  

That is my story for today.


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