Modern Life

12 Sep

I got a letter from a friend recently, in which she talked about the three part time jobs she has.  It was in a positive vein, as they are all things she enjoys.  I have been thinking about this though, as a person who has several part time jobs herself.  Is this the way life is now?  I’m too old/lazy to keep up on all the happenings in job seeking and whatnot, but I fear that the days of one job, at least at the start of your career, are over.

This is a problem, right?  Though myself and the friend are ok with cobbling together a sort of living, it can be super stressful.  Benefits?  Not with part time work.  Paid time off?  Not likely.  First to be fired?  Yep.  And for me, if I stop teaching at the college then I would also lose my job writing for the Chronicle of Higher Education.  Double whammy.

This is what I’m thinking about today.  Change.  Stability.  Life being hard for most everyone. 


One Response to “Modern Life”

  1. Liz September 13, 2013 at 11:16 am #

    My friend, Becky, lives off 3 part-time jobs. Se makes no money, has no benefits, and is at the mercy of her employers to not rock theboat in any way- even to protect her rights- because she can’t survive without any of those jobs. In the yime it would take her to find a new one, she would already be too far behind to ever catch up. It is sad.

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