25 Jul

My sister has requested pictures and content about our trip.  It will come.  Not today.

I can tell you about yesterday though: the Magical July 24.

Owen woke up to vomit at 4am, then 6am.  We got in the car to head to the Baltimore airport at 6:45.  He threw up twice during our hour drive.  In the line to return the rental car, he threw up again.  We changed clothes in the parking lot (super classy!) and made it to the plane.

We flew and flew and flew and got to Arizona.

We got the shuttle back to where we parked our car and I threw up.  And then did so several more times.

We got home, eventually (three hour drive) to find the dog missing.  Dog sitter had been there the night before, so 24 hours with no contact.

Sobbing overtired children.  Hot house.  No food in said house.  Popsicles and a Lego movie while Todd drove around for two hours looking for his dog.

It was a long day.  Today was better.  Rain, dog found his way home after much suffering on the part of his human males.  Bought a new toaster oven…food…school supplies…who knows what else.

I feel like summer fun has officially ended.


One Response to “Trippin’”

  1. Kristine July 25, 2013 at 7:32 pm #

    No one deserves to have a trip end so horribly!! Did you guys get food poisoning???yikes. I hope you are all on the mend.

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