Maybe Gross

26 Jun

I had a series of surgeries in my childhood, leaving me with a scar across my throat.  You’ve probably seen it.  I am working on an essay and needed some specifics about the issue (thyroglossal duct cysts, in case you wondered) so I did some research.  These pictures are somewhat fascinating.  I never knew that much about what my deal was so I feel much better informed now.  In my mid-20’s I had a swollen lymph node once that super freaked me out because I thought it was another cyst.  It wasn’t.  I was just getting sick.

So if you are interested, take a look.  But be warned if you are squeamish.


One Response to “Maybe Gross”

  1. spanishjenna June 27, 2013 at 5:49 am #

    Dude, you should write an essay about an Indiana Jones adventure that left you with a scar on your throat. Much better than a surgery essay.

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