An Open Letter to the Bagger at my Grocery Store

25 Jun

I’m so sorry for bringing my reusable bags with me today.  Do they make your job slightly harder?  You certainly have every right to complain about them.  I know you have been highly trained for months to get to your current level of bagging competence.  Then I saunter in, messing up your carefully orchestrated system of tossing two items into a plastic bag, throwing it into the cart, and doing it all again.

As much as I love coming home with 36 bags for 50 grocery items, I’ve been working really hard to remember my eclectic assortment of reusable bags.  I hadn’t considered the effect this choice would have on you.

If you want to keep your zitty little face shut and stop talking trash about my horribly complicated grocery bags, I’d totally dig that.  Maybe then I’d keep shopping at this store.  You could keep your job, doing what you love.  I’d get my bananas and string cheese.  Happy all around.

Thanks a bunch!


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