1 Jun

I’ve been trying to figure out my problem with drones, aka unmanned aircraft, for a while.  They are bothersome to me but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.  I think I’ve sorted it out though:

Killing someone, even a bad guy, should require something of you.  It shouldn’t be painless or mechanical or divorced from reality.  There should be conscience and feeling involved in taking a life.  I’m not suggesting hand to hand combat, not so extreme.  But remotely killing reminds me a bit of ENDER’S GAME (recognizing that I haven’t read it for more than 20 years).  It isn’t a game.  Killing someone is real.  The more that it is like a video game, with a pilot or operator thousands of miles away, makes it somehow more callous.  And I think that is a mistake.

Am I missing something?  Yes, drones are safer.  So is not going to war at all.  Drones for surveillance?  Sounds fantastic to me.  I think my problem is the killing part.

Yes, I think too much.


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