Some Items

29 May

Pool day at Cole’s school today, so clearly he had to be up at 6 to talk about it.  He’s just slightly excited.

We are meeting a potential new friend this afternoon.  Well, I know her a little.  Her younger son will be in Owen’s preschool in the fall and the older one is Cole’s age.  Wish us luck.

I am a genius.  My sister has started a blog.  Don’t worry, we aren’t going to be Nie Nie/CJane sisterhood thing.  But I did come up with the name for her blog.  I’m very proud of myself.  Do you want to know?  I based the name on the content.  I mean, lets be honest here.

The plumber is coming in a few hours.  Nothing more needs to be said about that.

Summer session at the college started last night.  I hate the first day of a class.  18 nights, I tell myself, just 18 days of class and this very fast semester will be over.


One Response to “Some Items”

  1. Liz May 30, 2013 at 5:13 pm #

    Let’s not leave up that link… Don’t want a bunch of weirdos loitering around my recipes!

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