3 May

Todd is teaching AP English for the first time this year.  The test is next week.  I am taking over because he is not suitably good at fun and motivation and whatnot.  He has finally agreed that I can provide food for the kids.  The man is lame.  These poor kids, all they do is learn from him.  They need some nurturing!  Come on.  So I’m excited.

In other student news, one of mine was sweet.  I had nominated her for an award.  She told me how the news came at the end of a rotten day.  She cried.  I felt good.

In other student news, one of Todd’s got awarded a Gates Fellowship.  $250,000.  Todd wrote some glowing letters that I’m sure put the kid over the top.  I wish there was a finders fee.  These sweet, amazing Calexico kids with ghetto lives are just phenomenal to me.  This kid’s brother also won the award last year.  I said, “Todd, find out what these parents are doing right so we can copy them.”  What they are doing is nothing.  They are mostly not there–work in LA, come home sometimes.  Lots of problems.  See?  Great kids are amazing.  So one scared little boy is heading to Johns Hopkins in the fall while his brother is at NYU film school and says he’s the only Mexican there.

Anyway.  Some days the students are great.  Some days, not so much.

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  1. Liz May 3, 2013 at 1:47 pm #

    Good post.

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