15 Apr

I had a several hour dream last night.  I gave birth to 7 children.  For some reason, it was all at once with two sets of twins.  Don’t ask about how that works, not sure.  The part that went on and on and on was trying to figure out which kid was which and how to name them.  I couldn’t think of enough names.  There were hijinks of looking for babies that other people were holding around my house, trying to find the ones still missing a name.  At some point I realized that we would need a new car.

I entirely blame this on a show I’m watching called CALL THE MIDWIFE.  That, and the swarms of pregnant people  I seem to know lately.  Swarms I tell you.  That’s a technical term.

Here’s to hoping I never birth two sets of twins, plus three other babies, on the same day.


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