My Problems

8 Mar

Todd drives the Cole to school 1/8 of the year.  I could explain the details but really, no one cares.  1/8 is not very much but I love every single one of the days I don’t have to go out in my pajamas (yes, I’m that mom) with a shoeless Owen and drive across town.

Today is the last day of such fleeting delights.  Daylight savings time in California (not Arizona) this weekend so no more perfect timing for us.  I’m a little bummed.

Then I read this blog post from my parents.  Really good reminder of how very blessed and lucky I am.  Ever since I have had children, I have been overcome with sympathy for mothers all over the world who have to watch their children suffer and don’t have access to the things they need to keep their little ones alive.

So be happy today.  I hope your day goes well.


One Response to “My Problems”

  1. spanishjenna March 8, 2013 at 8:59 am #

    I can’t read that blog post. I just saw a thing about child soldiers around the world. I’m at my limit for a while. Back to my bubble where my children’s greatest suffering is that they have to share their toys.

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